10 Church Social Media Ideas That Will Help Struggling Youth Groups

Boost your youth group’s attendance, funding, and general enthusiasm with these church social media ideas

Youth groups have long been important to the fabric of church communities, but they’re truly becoming essential for many churches now. Active youth groups can play a critical role in attracting and retaining new young people and families.

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How to Fundraise for a Non-Profit and Attract Donors Who Spend More

Delve deeper into social media and learn how to fundraise for a non-profit by using storytelling and targeting

Fundraising for a non-profit is an attractive career path for empathetic individuals with a desire to enact real change in the world. It’s not uncommon for these kind-hearted people, though, to encounter some big challenges as they learn how to fundraise for a non-profit.

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How to Create Fundraising Hashtags That Trend

When your nonprofit runs a campaign for fundraising, hashtags can help you stand out, attract the right audience, and bring in money.

Charitable giving has increased in current dollars nearly every year since 1977—and there’s a lot of money up for grabs. In 2017, people gave an estimated $410 billion to charitable causes.

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10 Fun Fundraising Ideas For Any Cause

Looking for some fun fundraising ideas and aren’t sure where to begin? Try these popular strategies that work for all types of nonprofits

When you work in the nonprofit industry, fundraising is your lifeblood. If you want the money to fund your organization’s mission, you have to go get it.

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