Improving Fan Experience at Sporting Events: The Kick-Off Guide

Teams are investing big money into improving fan experience at sporting events, but the secret may lie in a solid social strategy

Consumers spent nearly $56 billion to attend live sporting events in 2017 — that includes tickets, transportation, food, and beverages, according to a poll. In days gone by, when you bought tickets to a game, you went to see a game. Today, with rising ticket prices and plenty of reasons to enjoy the game from home, fans expect more — they’re paying for the entire experience.

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Creating a Hashtag for Your Business in 5 Steps

The importance of research, planning, and a little ingenuity when you’re creating a hashtag for your business to stand out on social media You’ve probably dipped your toes into the hashtag waters of social media a few times—a #TBT here, an #instamood there. But if you’re going to compete with millions of companies leveraging hashtags to their benefit, there needs to be a little more strategy behind your game. Instead of only using popular hashtags that everyone uses, why not think about creating a hashtag for your business? What makes creating a hashtag for your business so useful? Companies incorporate…

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Event Planners Reveal Their Business Event Checklist Must-Haves

Get a head start on your Business Event Checklist with the insights of these expert event planners who shared their top ten must-haves.

If you’ve ever tried to make a recipe from scratch, you’ve probably peeked around online to find something similar first, right? Why waste a batch of ingredients just to learn too late that someone like Martha Stewart bakes her chocolate chip cookies at 375 degrees F, or that Thomas Keller suggests using cold, unsalted butter. These tips are helpful and can save you a few dollars in flour and sugar.

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Social Media Use in the Workplace: How to Encourage It Productively

 As you develop guidelines for social media use in the workplace, don’t forget foster the creativity within your organization.

Encouraging social media use in the workplace can come with a list of responsibilities. For example, let’s say you’ve come up with a hashtag for your company, ACME, and your hashtag is #ACMEatWork. You want to promote the culture in your company to the public for branding purposes and recruiting, so you tell employees to take fun photos during the workday using the hashtag.

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