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We do events for a lot of nonprofits (or charities, depending on where you are), and because of that, we occasionally write articles specifically for the nonprofits out there that want to be more social, and are using Everwall to do that.

In this category you’ll find anything specifically related to nonprofits / charities.

12 Church Branding Ideas That Promote Participation

The right church branding ideas aren’t just for attracting parishioners; they also get your current congregation fired up.

In churches across the country, there’s a familiar goal: get more people to attend. It’s not just new members churches are after, either. Many churches have a robust membership list. The challenge is getting those church members involved and active in the church community. That’s where church branding ideas come in.

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The Anatomy of Running a Charity Event

There are great reasons for many types of organizations to hold charity events such as fundraising drives and raffles. Not only is it great for one’s brand image, everyone involved – including you – gets to feel good for making a positive impact in the world. However, there are a few things about managing a charity event that make it different from a run-of-the-mill meet-up or conference. You might end up having to do a bit of extra work. In order to make sure things go smoothly, you’ve got a few tasks ahead of you in addition to typical event […]

Five Cost-Cutting Methods for Stretching Your Event Budget

Budgeting is probably the most difficult task for every event management professional – particularly if you find yourself coming up short. If tight, it can be incredibly tempting to cut corners, but that’s not an advisable course of action. Skimping on features is a surefire way to ruin an event, and it’s not the way to solve your event budget constraints. So…how can you save money? Get creative, there’s ways to cut down on an event’s overhead without causing quality to suffer too much. Here are a few cost-saving event management techniques that won’t completely water-down your event in the […]

Five Awesome Fundraising Tips For Charity Events

Charity events are pretty awesome. Done right, a fundraiser can put a metric ton of money towards a good cause, elevate the profile of a cause, and build a strong brand reputation. Done wrong, however…it can be a complete money-sink, and could be as likely to make people despise as much as love an organization. We’ve already covered some of the basics of running a charity fundraising event – the challenges and core considerations event planners will take into account. Today, we’re focusing more on the ‘funds’ side of fundraising. Here are five awesome fundraising tips for your charity event. […]