Sources Everwall Supports

Mix and match as you please. You can use any—or all—sources on all of our social walls.


Our Instagram walls are best in class

Instagram is the king of the photo, and we support it, filters and all. You can pull in Instagram photos and display them on your social wall in all their photogenic glory.

From @users

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We ♥ Slack, too!

When you enable slack on your social wall, you can ensure that everyone around your office knows what's happening. You can include any/all of your channels, and display the posts beautifully on a custom social wall.

All Posts in Multiple Channels

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SMS, for those not on the socials...

Yup, for any of your guests not on social media, or for your "private" events, we support SMS. We also support MMS in the US and Canada so your guests can share pictures as well.

Countries supported are: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Anything sent to your assigned number

Email — The granddaddy to social

Who doesn't have an email account? Whether you want to share the email you're assigned so anyone can post from their email, or you want it for just your team to be able to easily post, we support it. We even support requiring a password for you super secret types.

For you crafty types in the office, this is a great way to have your wall display updates from your internal tools, or even to make it so your old school teammates can join in on the fun.

All Emails to your Assigned Email
Web Form

The fully customizable Web Form

The web form source makes it easy for private events to get their guests involved. It's mobile friendly, designed to fully match the wall you design, and supports all nine different languages our walls do so you can be sure your guests are comfortable. It can also be embedded into event apps to allow your guests to post straight from those.

Anything posted to the form

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