This is the Everwall changelog, a place where we provide updates anytime we make any notable changes to Everwall.

Faster Stats, New Bulk Post Actions, Diffs and more!

It’s been a busy month or month and a half for the Everwall team—in addition to launching our new website in early October, we’ve also rolled out dozens of new enhancements to Everwall’s offerings. The most notable are shown below.

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Revamped Instagram Personal Integration

Today we launched a newly revamped Personal Instagram integration (Instagram also sometimes calls this their Instagram Consumer offering).  This integration allows you to pull in posts from your own Instagram account.  This is not to be confused with the Instagram Business offering which lets you pull in public posts to Everwall by their hashtags or from your own accounts.

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Major Stats Upgrade Release

Today we’re excited to release a major update to the Stats we offer on all social walls. Not only is it faster at displaying the charts and data, it offers a ton more details you’ve been asking for, like being able to display hourly data when looking at a single day, showing the number of unique participants, and seeing which content sources (Twitter, Instagram, etc) are being used.

In addition to those new data points, we’re also exciting to be showing you the languages your posts are written in.  This is something that’s been in the works for well over a year and included us going back and categorizing every single post on every single social wall… Yes, that means that no matter when your social wall was, it now has all of the new data.

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Significant Speed and Stability Improvements

Yesterday we rolled out a significant improvement to real-time connection systems that power our social walls that reduced latency, errors, and reconnections.

Most of the improvements gained were due to one notable and unexpected thing we saw—an immediate reduction to the number of dropped connections and reconnects.

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New APIs section

Today we added a new page to the dashboard that provides details for accessing your wall via our APIs. On this new page, you can get the embed code for embedding your social wall onto your website, (Social Media Hubs now have their own dedicated page) get the URLs for a JSON or XML feed for any custom integrations you want to do, as well as provide ways for you to gain access to the Full API we offer or Everwall Connect. We’re excited to see how you’ll integrate Everwall!