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When we write blog posts about social media in general, you’ll find those posts here. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about social media platforms that we specifically support, but we typically do try to focus more on the ones supported within Everwall—like Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc.

How to Improve Fan Engagement at Sporting Events with Hashtags

Want to boost fan engagement at sporting events? Look no further than your favorite hashtag.

You could argue that professional wrestling has some of the most active fan engagement at sporting events, no matter what the sport. Twitter hashtags associated with the WWE offer a steady stream of comments and opinions from fans. In fact, the fan activity on WWE’s Twitter feed (comments, likes, retweets) is roughly equivalent to that of the NFL and the NBA (who have 14 million more followers and 17 million more followers, respectively). From a percentage standpoint, the WWE is absolutely rockin’ it.

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The Little Known Hotel Social Media Strategy You Should Try

Looking for an inexpensive and effective way to promote your hotel? Having a hotel social media strategy works wonders—when you do it right.

Hotels have two kinds of guests: new guests and returning guests. As a business that relies on a steady stream of bookings, your marketing strategy has to reach both of them. That’s good news for your hotel. Social media marketing can connect you to your guests with minimal extra effort on your part.

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3 Sports Marketing Trends That Are Changing the Game

From the stylized posters of the last century to modern “smart” arenas, sports marketing trends are always on the leading edge of the game.

Some sports marketing trends are timeless. In the 1870s, tobacco companies used baseball cards to promote brand loyalty and boost sales. Today, those cards are an industry of their own and plenty of big brands partner with star athletes to promote their products.

Instead of tobacco, you have Nike sponsoring basketball star Michael Jordan or the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s Alex Morgan. Olympian Mary Lou Retton appeared on the front of the Wheaties cereal box. Nascar driver Danica Patrick starred in commercials for internet hosting company GoDaddy.

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How to Make an Impact with Social Media for Conferences

If you’re planning the social media for conferences, trade shows, or other big events, make sure your efforts are impactful.

The energy is palpable. There’s a buzz of excitement and expectation. It’s conference week, and your company is hosting one of the most anticipated events in your industry—and you’re in charge of social media. For conferences this big, managing the social media can be a full-time job.

You want people to engage, to value your work, and you want them to share. Your social media presence is the hype!

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Why Using Hashtags for Business is So Important

The hash (#) symbol has served many purposes, but using hashtags for business is the newest way to boost a company’s influence and reach.

The hashtag we all know and love has had a few different lives. Before it was the hashtag, it was called a “pound sign.” The # symbol has been used to abbreviate weights, it was added to the telephone keypad to send instructions to the operating system, and it’s a sharp symbol on sheet music.

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