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When we write blog posts about social media in general, you’ll find those posts here. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about social media platforms that we specifically support, but we typically do try to focus more on the ones supported within Everwall—like Twitter, Instagram, Slack, etc.

12 Interactive Event Ideas to Boost Attendee Engagement

Transform your event with these 12 interactive ideas, ensuring maximum attendee engagement and a memorable experience.

When you’ve spent a lot of time meticulously planning your event, the last thing you want is for attendees to forget about it the moment they step out the door. “Not very memorable” isn’t a phrase you want to see slapped over your post-event reviews.

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How to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your Website

Find out how to embed an Instagram feed on your website to build trust with your audience and add social proof to your site. Create your own embeddable feed.

It’s hard to find a website that doesn’t have a social element these days, whether it’s a rolling stream of social Tweets, embedded YouTube videos, or visual Instagram hashtag feeds.

There’s a reason for this: Social content provides a human insight into your business. It gives potential customers the chance to browse photos from previous buyers, see what you’re up to behind the scenes, and ultimately interact and engage with you.

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How to Engage Customers Through Social Media By Making Them the Star of Your Story

Still trying to figure out how to engage customers through social media? User-generated content in the hospitality industry is the future (and present).

You keep up with a lot running a hospitality business like a hotel, restaurant, bar, or brewery. Did you order the food for the weekend? Check. Did you get back to that customer about reservations? Check. Have a chat with Lauren to adjust scheduling for the special events coming up? Check.

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