Hi there, we're Everwall.

And, here's our story.

From humble beginnings, and a few name changes…

We’ve gone by a few names since started a decade ago (2008). Originally we were Socialping, which was founded to provide cutting edge, yet affordable real-time Twitter analytics to companies around the world. Shortly after the launch of our analytics platform, and with a huge nudge from employees—and clients of ours—at PayPal, we created the first version of our Tweetwall offering.

Since that first version of Tweetwall, we’ve worked with hundreds of companies and organizations like PayPal, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, CNN, Syfy, Intel, Intuit, Obama for America, The Webby Awards, Citrix, Sprint, Telefonica, and more from around the world to make their events more interactive, social and engaging.

We continued to work on both of our products, Tweetwall and Socialping side-by-side from 2008 until late 2012 constantly feeding the high performance needs and learnings from our analytics customers into Tweetwall, and learnings from Tweetwall back into our analytics offering. Our Tweetwall platform was molded and designed with over five years worth of experience in high performance Tweet processing from running those two platforms.

“Our Tweetwall platform has been molded and designed with over five years worth of experience in high performance Tweet processing.”

Joel Strellner

In May of 2013, we launched our self-service Tweetwall platform and decided to discontinue our Socialping analytics offering to focus solely on this new platform. Prior to the launch of the self service Tweetwall platform, Tweetwall was always a full service offering requiring our team to customize the Tweetwall for each event.

Since the launch of our self-service platform, we’ve helped thousands of event planners display social media at their events, shown tens of millions of posts and most importantly, been able to be a part of something bigger than us. We’ve also been fortunate to partner with some great companies, like Twitter, Eventbrite, and TicketBud along the way to make it even easier to create engaging events.

In February, 2017 we did it again… We released a massive update to our product that also included the ability to monitor more sources, like Slack, SMS, Email, and Everwall Connect (a way for our partners to post directly to your wall without needing to publicly go through Twitter or Instagram to do so). At this time we also decided to change our name one more time—hopefully for the last time—to better show our customers that we are far more than just a “Twitter wall“. This is when we became known as Everwall.

We love what we do, and we’re honored each and every day when we see more and more people use our platform to engage their attendees. At any given minute, of any day, all year long, there are over 100 events displaying our social media walls and we often see peaks that exceed 500,000 posts displayed on our walls in a single day.

We don’t mess around.

We like to have fun, yes, but when it comes to reliability and the potential for it to impact your event, we don’t mess around. Everwall operates our infrastructure in a globally redundant architecture at seven different datacenters around the world—for both speed and reliability reasons. Those seven datacenters are behind a global CDN with hundreds of entry points, which means your computers can get to our content extremely efficiently and quickly, but it also means that we can route around nearly any Internet routing issue. It’s the Internet… and availability blips can happen to services of any size, but with Everwall running our infrastructure the way we do, the probability of it affecting your event is near zero—and we’re very proud of that.

We’re the only social display provider that takes every precaution possible to make sure that your event happens without issue. Our backup systems even have their own backup system!

We’re committed to your satisfaction.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. No matter what, if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money. That’s how much we stand by our product. No one else in the industry offers such a simple and straight forward guarantee.

We help out the community.

We’ve directly partnered with TEDx, AngelHack and several other organizations that are trying to make the world better by helping people gain knowledge and experience.

Through our discount program we also support schools, governments and non-profit organizations from all over the world. We’re fortunate to say that we’ve worked with thousands of these organizations to help them make their events more engaging.

Have questions for us? Get in touch. Or, there’s always more to learn at The Everwall Blog.