How to Choose Social Media Tools for Events That Attendees Actually Want to Use

Using the right social media tools for events can help your attendees feel included, informed, and most of all, valued.

To host an event, you need the heart of a dragon, the patience of a saint, the endurance of a prize-fighter, and probably more coffee than is normally acceptable. You need a location, seating, tables, presenters, snacks, a good swag bag, and a capable team. And above all, you need an audience. Can you imagine how different the energy of a Ted Talk would be if half of the seats were empty?

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The Best Sports Marketing Campaigns of All Time

These professional teams went above and beyond to create some of the best sports marketing campaigns local fans have ever seen

When you’re running social media for a sports team, the competitive spirit can extend to your department. How much can you do with a small budget? What innovative ideas can get fans talking?

Creating that ideal campaign is challenging, even for the most successful teams.

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7 Sports Event Marketing Campaigns That Worked

Get inspired to plan your own successful sports event marketing campaign with a look at some hits from the past

Bad news. There is no recipe for a successful sports event marketing campaign. That’s also good news. Why? Because it means the only thing you need to promote your event is some ingenuity.

The best marketing campaigns, whether for a sports team, a product, or service, all have an authenticity to them that people respond to. What that authenticity is will depend on what you’re promoting and who your fans are.

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5 Stadium Technology Trends Increasing Fan Engagement

As more and more advances in stadium technology make events more appealing to fans, it’s time for you to get on board and get ahead

Not too long ago, if you wanted to see a sporting event, you had to go in person. Sure, you could listen to a play-by-play on the radio, or adjust the bunny ear antennae on a standard definition television, but the only way to get the full experience was to go to the stadium itself.

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10 Sports Fan Engagement Ideas That Will Boost Team Spirit

Thanks to social media, there are countless fan engagement ideas to help boost team spirit.

The sports industry wouldn’t be what it is today without its loyal fans. From local teams to national leagues, people love to support their favorite athletes. But the days of simply collecting trading cards and jerseys are in the distant past. Today’s fans expect more. As they turn to social media to engage with their favorite teams and stars, sports teams have the opportunity to become more inventive with their fan engagement ideas.

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