Your social wall is not just for showing at your event, broadcast it on your site, too.

Display Twitter, Instagram, and more on your website in a fully customizable, realtime, beautiful embed.

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Copy and paste simplicity

Embedding a social media feed on your website is just like embedding any other social social media widget you might put on your site—you just copy the embed code snippet we provide, and paste it onto any website where you can access the HTML code.

In minutes you can have a Social Media Hub that aggregates and displays the social media you want to show on your website.

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Social Media Hub Embed Code Example

Create Multiple Social Media Hub Designs

Create multiple designs, for different places on your site

Want to show your posts in different ways on different parts of your site? You can!

You can create however many designs as you’d like, and they’ll all display the same posts, but with different styling making content management super easy, since you only have to do it once.

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Choose from 4 different Social Media Hub layouts

With 4 layouts to choose from—5 if you’re technical and enable Advanced Mode—there’s a layout sure to be a good fit for you.

And, to top it off, almost everything on the Social Media Hub can be customized. Make it real-time, or not. Change the number of posts, their size, colors, fonts, if they have borders, rounded corners, and more. Disable links, hide avatars, even hide the post images.

Because you can create multiple designs, you can make your Social Media Hub look great wherever you put it on your website.

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Social Media Hub Layout Picker Example

Aggregate Social Media

The best social media aggregator

Whether you just want to display your twitter feeds on a WordPress site, or you want to aggregate multiple social media feeds into a single embed and have it shown on your fully custom website, we’ve got you covered.

With Everwall’s Social Media Hubs you can easily aggregate social media content from multiple social networks, and then embed a social media feed on your website.

Best of all, we don’t artificially limit what you can aggregate. Pull in posts using as many hashtags, keywords, or @users as you need.

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Did we mention your embed code never changes?

That’s right, make any design changes you wish at any time, and you don’t have to edit the code—it just magically updates to the new design on your site.

Integration ready

Are you building something unique that requires a flexible yet powerful API to interface with on your next project? Social Media Hubs allow you to embed the Social Media Hub on your site using the snippet we provide, and we also provide JSON, XML and RSS feeds.

Using these feeds, you can easily use our platform to aggregate social media and then pull the content into your RSS Feed reader of choice, a WordPress plugin, or pipe it into any one of the thousands of no-code tools.

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Example JSON API for the Social Media Hubs

Social Media Hub Moderation Example

You’re always in control.

No matter what User Generated Content (UGC) you want to pull in, you should always be in control of what’s shown. And with Everwall, you always are.

You can easily control what content is shown on your Social Media Hub, and what is not. Pre-approve content before it’s shown with Full Moderation, or allow the included filters—like our profanity filter, trending topic filter, or keyword filters—check and approve the content.

And of course, you can always block specific users from ever appearing, or make it so specific users are always allowed. We even have manual content imports.

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Get a Social Media Hub à la carte, or with any event or ongoing social wall.

All of our Event Social Walls and Social Media Digital Signage come with a Social Media Hub for your website free of charge, so whether you have a single day event, or you want it on your website year-round, you can easily grab the embed code, and put it on your site.

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Social Wall Example

More than just an Instagram feed or Twitter feed embed.

You can do much more with Everwall than just embedding a single Twitter feed or embedding an Instagram feed—you can combine multiple content sources / hashtag feeds from any of our supported sources into a single unified Social Media Hub. Mix and match as you please.

Watch Twitter

Yes, it’s true, we did invent the Tweetwall in 2008. And yes, just to confirm, we still support displaying Twitter in real-time.

More Info

Monitor Instagram

We can monitor Instagram for your hashtags, too, and instantly display Instagram photos inline with the post’s text.

More Info

Get Texts

We support SMS (text) and MMS (multimedia) messages. Phone numbers are available in 17 countries, including the US and Canada.

More Info

Listen to Slack

We can monitor Slack and instantly display posts from any of your channels — perfect for a community that’s already connected.

More Info

Use a Web Form

Keep it private, and allow posting to a private web form. Include your post text, and images. Embeddable into mobile event apps, too.

More Info

Post via Email

Allow your guests to post to your social wall via email, or you can password protect it if you want to keep that just for yourself.

More Info

These are just some the most common sources we support—we have 12 different content sources available for your Social Media Hub…

A live example.

This is a very basic example Social Media Hub with almost no styling changes. However, you can customize nearly everything if you want to—from colors, to fonts, showing or hiding pictures, links, avatars, timestamps, and more. We made it extremely customizable, so that it can always match your website and branding.

And yes, this is really streaming live right now. Feel free to try it out using #kittens.

Social Wall by Everwall

Monitoring Flexibility

Manually or automatically pull posts into your Social Media Hubs from Twitter containing any number of hashtags, keywords, and more. Or, if Instagram is your thing, hashtags from there. All of your posts from any of the configured sources show together in the one Hub for your website.

Filters & Moderation

Use filters to block specific keywords, or users from your Social Media Hub. We also have a great profanity filter to help out.

If you need something more robust, we offer the ability for you to use full moderation so you can approve every post before it’s shown.

Completely Realtime

Our entire platform runs in real-time, so the moment something gets posted, it’ll appear on your website immediately, Or, if you’ve opted to moderate your wall, it’ll appear in your moderation console instantly for you to approve it first, and then get displayed as soon as you approve it.

Plans & Pricing

We like things simple, we have just one plan and a few add-ons for those that need them.

All Social Media Hubs include:

  • Unlimited content sources (Twitter, Instagram, etc), and for each of those content sources, you can set it up to monitor unlimited things, like hashtags, keywords, and @users.
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited designs, allowing you to show it in multiple places and have it customized for each location
  • Real-time post updates (in fact-our entire platform is real-time)
  • 200,000 Pageviews per month
  • API access, so you can build anything you can dream up

Optional upgrades include full moderation, removing Everwall branding, and unlimited pageviews. More pricing details are here.

If you’re using the Social Media Hub with an Event Social Wall or with our Social Media Digital Signage, then the Social Media Hub is free. If you only want the Social Media Hub, then it’s available from $24 per month when paid annually, or $29 per month when paid monthly. There’s no contract and you can cancel anytime.

Discounts are available for charity, educational, and government organizations. You can also get more than 20% off by paying annually.

Social Media Hubs

Increase website stickiness and engagement, yet stay fully on brand. Watch hashtags, keywords, owned accounts, and more.

Or, just:

per month, paid annually
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How does it work? Well, it’s easy as pie.


Decide if you want to display a Social Wall on screens, or just embed a Social Media Hub.

If you want to display a Social Wall on screens for all to see, in addition to on your website, you'll want to build an Event Social Wall or Social Media Digital Signage. When you're done building that, you can easily create the Social Media Hub for free using the same social media content.

If you only want the Social Media Hub, then go straight to building the Social Media Hub for your Website (Some call it a Hashtag Feed Embed) from the New Wall window.


Build and customize your hashtag feed embed

After you have built your wall (if you build an Event Social Wall or Social Media Digital Signage), you'll see a link in the left menu called Embed, and that'll take you to our Social Media Hub builder so you can embed your social media hub onto your website. Or, if you're building just the embed, you'll be taken right into the builder.

There are two types of embeds that we offer, the first is a stylized embed—which is the easiest to get started with—and the second option is what we call a raw embed.

When going with a stylized embed, you can pick several design options, but if you really want to stylize it an know CSS, feel free to go with the raw embed.


Embed it onto your website!

Once you've copied the code we provide and pasted it into your website's code... That's it, you're done—and, now you have an awesome Twitter or Instagram feed for your website!

Ready to get started with a Social Media Hub for your website?

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Or, learn more about our Event Social Walls or Social Media Digital Signage.