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Welcome to the Event Planning section of our blog! Here you’ll find all the articles we have that are related to Event Planning as a whole.  Obviously we’ll throw in some relevant info about Everwall, if it makes sense to do so.

5 Fun Church Event Ideas That Foster Youth Fellowship

These church event ideas are sure to create a sense of friendship and belonging

Think about the last time you went to a social gathering or networking event. Was it fun, engaging, and did you feel encouraged to stay and be part of the group? Or did you feel like you were ready to leave as soon as you could gracefully exit? Certainly, you’ve experienced both of these feelings at some point. And that’s precisely what the youth in your church are experiencing at every church event. Ideas around creating a welcoming and exciting environment aren’t just for the secular world. If your church youth group isn’t appealing to the young people, your ministry is at risk of losing the next generation.

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How to Use an Event Photo Wall to Increase Attendee Participation

An event photo wall is the missing puzzle piece to astounding success at your next event.

What does it mean to have a successful event? That’s a broad question, of course. For a non-profit, it could be a fundraiser that brings in substantial donations. For a college sports team, it might be selling out sections of the stadium in advance. For vendors at a conference, it could be as simple as filling an email list or as big as laying the groundwork for a record-breaking sale.

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The 5 Best Culture Building Activities for Teams To Increase Employee Retention

Culture building activities for teams don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to work some magic in your office.

Employee retention is a big deal. Most companies know this, at least superficially. Employee satisfaction surveys, appreciation days, and 35 million Google results for employee satisfaction and engagement consulting are a testament to the importance of this elusive creature.

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10 Easy, Cheap and Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

The most successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits aren’t always the most obvious.

Some of the most rewarding places to work are in the nonprofit industry. That, of course, covers a lot of ground, since any given nonprofit could focus on anything from environmental concerns, to healthcare, to public schools, or pet adoptions. One thing every nonprofit has in common, however, is fundraising.

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How to Think Up Corporate Team Building Ideas Differently

Get below the surface and discover what’s missing from most corporate team building ideas. Then find out what to do about it.

Corporate team building ideas aren’t hard to find. Look up “team building” on Google, and you get around 53 million results. Even “corporate team building” gets you 1.7 million results. You’ll get directed to the web pages of hotels, resorts, restaurants, city tourism departments, and, of course, plenty of companies that specialize in team building. That’s undoubtedly good; with more and more diversity in the workplace, you want options that can appeal to everyone on your team.

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