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7 More Engaging Restaurant Promotion Ideas Beyond Trivia Night

Trivia might be one of the most popular restaurant promotion ideas, but it’s not the only one.

Trivia is big. There’s no arguing the fact. It’s a popular way to bring people into your restaurant, and it’s a relatively easy event to host, especially if you hire someone for it. But trivia isn’t right for every restaurant. Maybe you don’t have space. Perhaps that’s not where your audience is. Or it might not be your preferred aesthetic.

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5 Creative Ways to Promote an Event with a Twitter Wall

There are more than a few creative ways to promote an event. Some of them are way more effective than others.

Can we be honest for a minute? Did you ever go to a game and when you got back to your car, there’s a flyer under your windshield wiper? Do you give it more than a passing glance? Do you get irritated?

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media Event Promotion for Corporate Fundraisers

Take the mystery out of social media event promotion and make your next fundraiser a memorable experience for everyone

If you don’t have a lot of experience with planning and hosting fundraisers, it can be intimidating to know where to begin. You want to know what to do, and most importantly, how to promote your event, so people come out and enjoy themselves. Like many new experiences, though, a little organization and a few deep breaths will take you far.

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How to Improve Fan Engagement at Sporting Events with Hashtags

Want to boost fan engagement at sporting events? Look no further than your favorite hashtag.

You could argue that professional wrestling has some of the most active fan engagement at sporting events, no matter what the sport. Twitter hashtags associated with the WWE offer a steady stream of comments and opinions from fans. In fact, the fan activity on WWE’s Twitter feed (comments, likes, retweets) is roughly equivalent to that of the NFL and the NBA (who have 14 million more followers and 17 million more followers, respectively). From a percentage standpoint, the WWE is absolutely rockin’ it.

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10 Easy, Cheap and Successful Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

The most successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits aren’t always the most obvious.

Some of the most rewarding places to work are in the nonprofit industry. That, of course, covers a lot of ground, since any given nonprofit could focus on anything from environmental concerns, to healthcare, to public schools, or pet adoptions. One thing every nonprofit has in common, however, is fundraising.

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