Increase engagement on your website with fully moderated, brand approved posts

Social Media Hubs are included free with all Event Walls and Ongoing Walls, or available à la carte anytime.

à la carte is coming soon!
While the à la carte option is in testing, only our standard embed options are available (iframe, script tag, or API)

Increase your website’s engagement and stickiness

Social Media Hubs are a great way to easily display social media on your website, and since Everwall provides the social wall embed—instead of Twitter or Instagram—you have full control over not only the design of the Social Media Hub, but also the exact content that’s shown.

Always on brand? Yup.

Whether you’re wanting to display a public hashtag, keywords, or posts from specific accounts you may or may not control, we know that you need to ensure that your website is always on brand. With a Social Media Hub from Everwall, you can do that using filter based-moderation (like our profanity filter), or you can even set it to require every post be manually approved before they’re shown.

Multiple designs for multiple locations on your site

No matter where on your website you want to show the Social Media Hub, you can, and you can do it in style. You can create a custom Social media Hub design for any location on your site, and there’s no extra charge. Put a Carousel layout on the homepage, a Waterfall layout in your blog’s sidebar, and a multi-column Tile embed on your about page—whatever you want.

If the content is the same—no matter how many designs you create and use—it’s a single Social Media Hub.

Affordable when à la carte and completely free with Event Walls and Ongoing Walls

We just wanted to make sure it’s clear: you can purchase the Social Media Hub à la carte if you only need a Social Media Hub for your website. However, if you’re using our Event Social Walls for an event you’re doing, the Social Media Hub offering is included free of charge for the duration of your event.

And, if you’re using our Ongoing Social Wall for your retail store, in the office, or anywhere else, you can also display the exact same posts on a free Social Media Hub on your website for as long as the Ongoing Social Wall is active.

Not doing an Event Social Wall or an Ongoing Social Wall? No worries, the Social Media Hub is just $19/mo then.

Included with every Social Media Hub for your Website

  • 24/7 email-based customer service
  • Full moderation — add $9/mo
  • Everwall branding removal — add $19/mo
  • Watch Twitter, Instagram, and many others
  • Unlimited posts w/ realtime updates
  • Unlimited page views
  • 4 embed layouts w/ tons of design options
  • Create custom integrations with Raw layout, or using JSON feed access
  • Advanced Social Stats
  • Website Embed Stats

Social Media Hubs for your Website

Increase website stickiness and engagement, yet stay fully on brand. Watch hashtags, keywords, owned accounts, and more.

Included for free w/Event Social Walls & Ongoing Social Walls, or just:

per month, per à la carte website embed
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