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5 Event Photo Sharing Strategies for Maximum Engagement

Event photo sharing plays a crucial role in maximizing engagement and effectively immortalizing the energy and emotion of an event. Not only does sharing photos encourage other attendee’s to participate, but it also significantly expands an event’s reach and visibility when those photos are shared on social media. Companies like Everwall have revolutionized this space by providing social media walls that display shared photos in real-time.

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Social Media Hubs: The Key to Driving Success and Interaction on Your Website

Introduction to Social Media Hubs

In today’s digital era, Social Media Hubs have emerged as indispensable tools for online businesses. Serving as centralized platforms for diverse social media feeds, they allow brands to harness the power of social content, driving website engagement and fostering online interaction. These hubs aggregate content from multiple social channels, providing an all-in-one display that offers visitors a dynamic, interactive experience.

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What is Experiential Marketing?

What is experiential marketing? Explore its impact, types, and real-life examples. Elevate your brand with immersive strategies.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, brands are constantly competing for consumers’ attention. Traditional marketing methods like TV commercials, print ads, and even digital campaigns are becoming less effective as consumers grow more skeptical and savvy. This is where experiential marketing comes in. Experiential marketing is a powerful tool that can create a lasting emotional connection between a brand and its customers, leading to increased loyalty and business growth. But, what is experiential marketing and how does it work?

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How to Get Sponsors for an Event in 3 Easy Steps

Learn how to get sponsors for an event to drive revenue, promote your event, and get more attendees. Find the right sponsors and know what to offer them.

Hosting an event isn’t cheap. Even if it’s a small, intimate conference or seminar, you still need to hire a venue, pay for speakers, and make sure you have food and drink for your attendees.

This can all add up, which can put extra pressure on your plate if you don’t have a huge budget. Luckily, there’s a way you can cover those costs and generate a bit of extra advertising while you’re at it.

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How to Create & Manage a Social Media Wall for Events with Big Crowds

Find out how using a social media wall for events can increase attendee engagement and extend your company’s social reach If you’ve been an event coordinator for a while, you’ve witnessed how technology has changed conferences, meetings, trade shows, and other big gatherings. Forget the industry magazine ads and direct mail of yesteryear — in a recent survey, 73% of event planners listed social media as the most effective tool for event marketing. Social media is great for promotion leading up to your event, but there’s always that challenge of keeping attendees engaged during the event. In gatherings with big crowds, […]