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How to Improve Fan Engagement at Sporting Events with Hashtags

Want to boost fan engagement at sporting events? Look no further than your favorite hashtag.

You could argue that professional wrestling has some of the most active fan engagement at sporting events, no matter what the sport. Twitter hashtags associated with the WWE offer a steady stream of comments and opinions from fans. In fact, the fan activity on WWE’s Twitter feed (comments, likes, retweets) is roughly equivalent to that of the NFL and the NBA (who have 14 million more followers and 17 million more followers, respectively). From a percentage standpoint, the WWE is absolutely rockin’ it.

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10 of the Best Trade Show Booth Ideas Ever

Are these some of the best trade show booth ideas? The results speak for themselves.

Since the earliest days of human culture, trade shows have been part of our lives. They’ve come a long way from the days of carrying your wares around on the back of an ox cart, though. Today almost every major industry hosts regional, national, and even international trade shows. Some of the larger events can draw tens of thousands of attendees. If your company is participating in a trade show, that’s a lot of potential customers in a concentrated space and time. That also means you have a lot of competition.

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22 Books for Event Planners in 2022

This Saturday (April 23, 2022), is World Book Day, and in honor of that, our team has put together 22 books for event planners in 2022. This is a compilation—or best-of-the-best list, if you will—with books recommended for event planners coming from all over the place. We scoured social media, other blog posts, Amazon, and more to come up with this list for event planners.

In compiling this, naturally, we learned about hundreds of books for event planners. We didn’t want to just break it down to only the top 22 books for event planners, but also for other sub-categories, and after we get through the top 22 books for event planners,we intend on making this a living document and adding those as well.

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3 Sports Marketing Trends That Are Changing the Game

From the stylized posters of the last century to modern “smart” arenas, sports marketing trends are always on the leading edge of the game.

Some sports marketing trends are timeless. In the 1870s, tobacco companies used baseball cards to promote brand loyalty and boost sales. Today, those cards are an industry of their own and plenty of big brands partner with star athletes to promote their products.

Instead of tobacco, you have Nike sponsoring basketball star Michael Jordan or the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s Alex Morgan. Olympian Mary Lou Retton appeared on the front of the Wheaties cereal box. Nascar driver Danica Patrick starred in commercials for internet hosting company GoDaddy.

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10 Low-Cost Social Media Ideas for Nonprofits That Deliver High Value

Social media ideas for nonprofits work best and deliver the highest ROI when they leverage hashtags, video and the most popular social platforms.

As a non-profit, your goal is to raise as much money and find as many new donors as possible, while rewarding your current donors. Social networks like Facebook have indeed made it easier to reach the masses—75% of male internet users are on Facebook as well as 83% of female internet users, according to Pew Research Center. The social media ideas for nonprofits below offer plans for attracting, engaging, and satisfying donors in-person and online.

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