10 Interactive Conference Ideas That Create Sold Out Events

Make your next big event unforgettable with these interactive conference ideas

Think back to your years in school. The teacher stood in front of the class, lectured on a subject, you took notes, and then class was over. You also may have taken a nap at some point, too.

But what about the classes where teachers got more hands-on? The classes where your teacher encouraged participation, healthy debate, and conducting experiments. You probably left those classes feeling energized with a much better understanding of the lessons.

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10 Innovative Stadium Ideas That Are Filling Seats

Ready to fill more seats at your next event? Innovative stadium ideas are the key to keeping live sporting events exciting and profitable.

You get your tickets, park your car, grab a hot dog and soda from the concession stand, and cheer on your favorite team for a few hours. Going to a game is a fun and exciting way to spend an evening.

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How to Create & Manage a Social Media Wall for Events with Big Crowds

Find out how using a social media wall for events can increase attendee engagement and extend your company’s social reach If you’ve been an event coordinator for a while, you’ve witnessed how technology has changed conferences, meetings, trade shows, and other big gatherings. Forget the industry magazine ads and direct mail of yesteryear — in a recent survey, 73% of event planners listed social media as the most effective tool for event marketing. Social media is great for promotion leading up to your event, but there’s always that challenge of keeping attendees engaged during the event. In gatherings with big crowds,…

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25 of the Best Bar Promotion Ideas That Use Social Media to Attract Customers

Leverage the power of social media both inside and outside your establishment with these bar promotion ideas

When you’re running a bar — whether it’s a pub, tavern, wine bar, or dance club — the goal is always to bring in new customers and keep the regulars coming back for more. But when you’re a small business on a limited advertising budget, how can you stay top-of-mind? Social media is the answer!

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