How to Embed an Instagram Feed on Your Website

Find out how to embed an Instagram feed on your website to build trust with your audience and add social proof to your site. Create your own embeddable feed.

It’s hard to find a website that doesn’t have a social element these days, whether it’s a rolling stream of social Tweets, embedded YouTube videos, or visual Instagram hashtag feeds.

There’s a reason for this: Social content provides a human insight into your business. It gives potential customers the chance to browse photos from previous buyers, see what you’re up to behind the scenes, and ultimately interact and engage with you.

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Alumni Event Ideas: Bringing Graduates Together

Alumni events serve as a powerful conduit for keeping graduates connected to their alma mater. They provide a platform for networking, reminiscing, and strengthening the bonds formed during school or university years. In this post, we will explore several innovative alumni event ideas to engage and delight alumni, while fostering a strong sense of community.

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The Ultimate Festival Planning Checklist

Festivals are spectacular events that celebrate music, food, art, culture, and so much more. Planning a festival, however, can be an overwhelming task. Fear not, because we’ve got your back. This comprehensive festival planning checklist will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your event is memorable, enjoyable, and runs smoothly.

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How to Engage Customers Through Social Media By Making Them the Star of Your Story

Still trying to figure out how to engage customers through social media? User-generated content in the hospitality industry is the future (and present).

You keep up with a lot running a hospitality business like a hotel, restaurant, bar, or brewery. Did you order the food for the weekend? Check. Did you get back to that customer about reservations? Check. Have a chat with Lauren to adjust scheduling for the special events coming up? Check.

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10 Interactive Conference Ideas That Create Sold Out Events

Make your next big event unforgettable with these interactive conference ideas

Think back to your years in school. The teacher stood in front of the class, lectured on a subject, you took notes, and then class was over. You also may have taken a nap at some point, too.

But what about the classes where teachers got more hands-on? The classes where your teacher encouraged participation, healthy debate, and conducting experiments. You probably left those classes feeling energized with a much better understanding of the lessons.

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