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We don’t do it often, but sometimes we allow guest posts, and when we do, you’ll find them here.

How to Improve Pre-Conference Information Distribution via Twitter

Twitter is usually a place for breaking news and immediate engagement. It may therefore seem antithetical to use for event build-up; if it’s not recording something happening in real-time, why bother? But Twitter is also great at creating buzz and community, if maintained properly.

Using social media during your conference is important, but engaging your attendees and speakers before your conference creates a hive around your organization that will engage not only during the conference, but before and after as well. This sets you up to have an excellent conference and to mobilize your community for future conferences and organization-related events.

There are three groups you should be considering when developing your pre-conference Twitter strategy:

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Snapchat: Storifying Your Brand

It seems that with each new year comes a new big boom in social media marketing. Last year, the marketing world was engulfed with real-time advertising induced from the famous Oreo Super Bowl tweet.

This real time advertising phenomena created a storm of over saturation and under satisfaction, and left many marketing managers losing their hair trying to latch on to every social trend they could. This became a tiring endeavor and not as effective as once imagined.

This year’s big boom has been Snapchat, a peer-to-peer photo/video messaging application that allows its users to temporarily share pictures and videos.  Many brands were quick to follow the gust of Snapchat trendiness and a few quickly found success, including Taco Bell, Mashable, Sour Patch Kids, and GE.

These brands were doing something different than many other brands on Snapchat, they found a way to stick out and connect with their audience. A more unique persona of their brand than ever before was created. They found the secret.

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7 Last Minute Event Promotion Strategies

So it’s the week before the event and you’re panicking about selling out. Take a deep breath and relax, they’re still some time to try and get more people excited about your upcoming event.

While you should continue to use your normal promotional channels such as email, flyering, Facebook and free listing sites to boost event awareness, we’ve also got seven top tips for last minute event promotion.

Take a look at these seven strategies to see if they’ll work for your gig, show, club night, conference or other event:

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