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10 Years 🎉

Wow, never when I started Everwall—10 years ago to the day—did I think we’d be where we are. We’ve been a part of some of the most known and recognizable events around the world, and, honestly, I feel like we’re just getting started.

Truthfully, when we got started, we weren’t a social wall provider.  We first got started as a social analytics platform, and even that had a few name changes and iterations until it became Socialping, and truly set the foundation of what would become Everwall.

When I look back, and I think of all the name changes, product releases, and the iterations we’ve made, the only thing I can truly see is progress and evolution.  Our path to become the company we are hasn’t been a straight one, but it’s been one that I’ve been proud of, and am grateful for.

Looking ahead I am quite certain that we’ll continue with that tradition of accepting change, evolving, and of course working with great clients.  And that makes me very excited for the future of Everwall.  When we chose the name, Everwall, from our former Tweetwall name, part of the reason we did so was to encapsulate the idea the we are […]

How to show a moderated live twitter feed

You’ve got a website—and an awesome one at that—but you want to make it a bit fresher without having to log in every day an update it.  You think, “hey, I Tweet a lot, why don’t I just show my live twitter feed on the site,” only to realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Twitter has an option you can use, but if you want to pull in content using keywords or a hashtag, it’s not as easy, and it doesn’t include moderation of any type. In comes Everwall.

Everwall let’s you have a moderated live twitter feed

Using our social wall’s embed option, you can pull in posts from any public account, as well as any post that contains specific keywords of your choice—like your company name—or as many hashtags as you’d like, too. We even support Instagram and a half-dozen other source types.

Don’t need a live twitter feed for your website? Everwall let’s you display your feed at events, too!

Once those posts are pulled into our platform, you can use any of our filters, like the profanity filter, keyword blocks, user blocks and more to make sure that only appropriate content is displayed on your website.  Most importantly, you […]

How to get an Everwall coupon code

We’ve received a lot of requests over the years from people building a social wall for an Everwall coupon code to get a discount. In fact, if you’re seeing this blog post, you probably Googled for a coupon code from us, too.

Well, we don’t want you to be hunting around anymore, so, we went ahead and created one to share with you right now…

The Everwall Coupon Code: ewblog

Like previously said, we don’t want to keep you hunting around—you’ve got better things to do. So there it is. This coupon code will get you 15% off your entire self-service social wall purchase. Oh, and if you’re doing an ongoing wall, it’s good for life—you’ll get 15% off each month.

Yup, it’s as simple as that.

6 Tips For Providing Branded Event Swag

It’s an experience which is familiar to all of us in the event’s industry—while attending a trade show or conference, we’re handed a knickknack by a smiling brand ambassador, emblazoned with the logo of the brand responsible for putting on the event or the booth you’re standing in front of. There’s just one problem… the event swag doodad they gave us is totally underwhelming, and more often than not, it’s ugly or cheaply made, and completely useless to us.

Whatever the reason, rather than handing out useful swag to the attendees, the organizer’s done the exact opposite. They’ve given us something that we’re never going to use and is hopelessly bound for the trash. They’ve saddled us with “anti-swag,” and our opinion of the brand and the event will likely never be the same.

SEE ALSO: Perfecting the Art of Gift Giving as an Event Pro

Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. In all likelihood, we’ll go home, toss our newfound ‘treasures’ in a drawer, and promptly forget they exist. Even if the event was otherwise totally enjoyable, the swag we took home will not have positively impacted our opinion of the brand in any meaningful way.

Here’s the […]

Social Wall Customization on Everwall

In this week’s feature overview, I am going to go over customizing your social wall—including all the design options in our self-service builder, how to customize your social wall even further if you’re a developer or have one available, and finally, if you know what you want but are unsure how to get there, how to enlist our design team to custom build you a template.

This is going to focus strictly on the design side of things with our social wall product, Everwall.

Customizing your social wall with our self-service builder:

When building a wall using our self-service builder, the very last step is where all the magic happens and you get to make the wall perfectly match your event. It’s really easy to do, but there are quite a few options.


The first thing you’ll pick is the layout you want to use. We currently have 12 layouts to choose from, and they are all scaleable, so whether you have an old school projector that uses a 1024×768 resolution, or a 4k flat panel display, your social wall will look great.

  • 7 layouts are specifically meant for landscape orientation
  • 2 layouts are for portrait-oriented screens
  • 2 are designed for TV applications and let you use […]

Language support in our social wall

Ever since we announced our 2017 major update, we’ve received quite a few inquiries about the new language support in our social wall platform, Everwall.  And today, I am going to talk a bit about them, and how you can take the most advantage of the new language support.

Social wall posts

The posts on your social wall can be in nearly any language.  We support your typical left-to-right latin languages, like English and Spanish, but we also support right-to-left languages like Arabic.  You do not need to change anything, we detect it automatically, and will display the post correctly for the language.

Your wall’s default language

When building your social wall, you can pick one of nine languages to use as your default language.  The default language is what we use to display your post timestamps in, and what language we write the “join the conversation” text in your title bar.

The default languages we support are English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

What if my event is in two languages?

In a lot of places around the world, there isn’t a single “primary” language. Instead, there are two languages used about equally.  For example, in Canada, it’s quite common to have […]

Lot’s of updates, including a name change!

Wow, it’s been a crazy year of behind the scenes development—and today we’re finally ready to talk about them!

So, what’s new?

New design options!

The first thing is probably the most important to you, today we’re announcing that we’ve launched a new social wall platform with 12 new layouts, and hundreds of customization options, including being able to directly edit the HTML, CSS or Javascript to make it as customized you want. And for those of you using advanced setups, like Chromakey, you weren’t left out, there’s some of those too.

Twitter, Slack, Instagram, and moaarrr!

The second thing is the announcement of more content sources! You can now create your social walls using not just Twitter and Instagram, but also Slack!  Slack is something we’ve been getting asked for practically since they launched.

We use Slack here, and it really is the perfect communication tool—but one thing we wanted to do from the beginning was to make it so you can show your Slack posts on screens in your office, and that actually leads me into the third announcement…. We now support ongoing walls, so you can show a wall on a screen at your office year round.

Want to embed it on your website?  Our new embed […]

Election Day Templates!

Here in the states, it’s election day today. And in case you missed it, there are two very different candidates waiting for your votes today (there’s more, but sadly only two of the parties get any consideration). After you’ve got your vote in, we have some great news for those of you holding election day parties and events—templates!

We’ve noticed a huge uptick in people creating election day Tweetwalls, and we thought, “hey, what a great idea!” To make things better, and your election day events event more awesome, we’ve created 3 different templates you can use for your election day event. They are completely free for any Tweetwall (The Tweetwall is still paid, sorry).

The three templates are for Democrat-leaning events, Republican-leaning events, and neutral events. And here they are:

Democrat Party Focused

Republican Party Focused

Party Neutral Focused


As we said above, these templates are free! Here’s how to use them:

  1. Create your Tweetwall at, like you normally would. You can use any hashtag you’d like, but keep in mind some of them are going to be really flying… we highly recommend you block retweets, and enable a follower count filter of at least 5,000 if you plan on following any of the […]

What Data to Collect at a Festival

As an event organizer, you know one thing to be true: the data you collect today can be used to make more informed decisions in the future. For this reason, it’s a must that you learn the ins and outs of collecting data at a festival. By implementing the right strategy, you’ll be left with mounds of data to comb through once your event comes to an end.

Here are three of the best ways to collect data at a festival:

1. Get Feedback from Vendors

This is so important, don’t let collecting this information slide to the back of your to do list. Your vendors hold a wealth of data and statistics, so you want to reach out to each and every one to learn as much as possible.

For example, ask food vendors how many sales they recorded and how much revenue they generated. This will give you a better understanding of which vendors performed best. Subsequently, you can provide more targeted food and beverage selections in the future.

It also will give you an idea of how attendees moved around the event and what times were busiest for each vendor.

2. Track Your Social Media Reach

What is Social & Digital Signage?

Social media has been taking the marketing world by storm for years now, that’s nothing new. What is new is digital signage and how it is changing the way customers use social media for anything from restaurants to hotels. While old ways to connect with users such as mail marketing is dying out, the newest way includes catching customers at times when they may already be on their phones and providing them with the correct hashtags and usernames to connect with your brand.

What exactly is social and digital signage?

Digital signage has actually been around for years, think of billboards in front of restaurants that flash the newest specials and the time or temperature. Everything is just being taken to the next level. Instead of basic colors and text, it is upgraded with high-tech screens and projectors that have been introduced in recent years.

Can’t grasp the concept yet? Think arrival and departure signs that have been in airports for decades delivering you the news that your flight is delayed again.

What does this mean for my brand?

As a brand manager, this is a great way to connect with your customers. Imagine you own a hotel, during check-in usually, a customer is already on […]

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