12 Social Media Ideas for Events That Get Attendees Talking

When you’re brainstorming social media ideas for events, go for tactics that will get the most engagement. You know how to plan an event and get people in the door. You can talk up the excitement, create a buzz, and get attendees energized. Social media, though? That can be a bit trickier. Selling tickets is great, but you have to engage your audience from start to finish and brainstorming social media ideas for events is one way to get people in the door. You aren’t looking for one-time attendees; you want people to feel a connection to you, your company,…

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Everwall and Webex Have Partnered!

Today we’re very excited to announce that Everwall and Webex have partnered to not only bring content from within Webex into Everwall, but also to bring Everwall into Webex via the just announced Webex Embedded Apps. Webex has excelled at meetings and calling for years, but what a lot of people may not realize is that they have an amazing messaging platform called Webex Spaces, and all three of these areas are tightly integrated for an amazing experience. When we first learned about Spaces, and how they work, we knew we had to support it as a content source—and that’s…

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10 Years 🎉

Wow, never when I started Everwall—10 years ago today, to the day—did I think we’d be where we are. We’ve been a part of some of the most known and recognizable events around the world, and, honestly, I feel like we’re just getting started.

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How to Create an Instagram Wall for Events

Creating an Instagram wall for events can turn attendees into your best photographers, marketers, and ambassadors.

When attending any event, whether it’s a wedding, a 5k, a fundraiser, or a conference, there’s one thing attendees look forward to most after curtains have closed — the photos! Thanks to hashtags, attendees can self-sort pictures from events on their phones, but some of the savviest event planners are now creating an Instagram wall for events.

The basis of creating an Instagram wall for events is pretty straightforward in its execution; planners will hang a large projection screen or TV on a wall with a sign for the designated hashtag, and on the screen, you’ll see a collage of Instagram posts showing up in real time. It usually causes a bit of excitement, because people are natural voyeurs and will rush to get photos of their favorite cocktails, friends, and fun up on the wall at the event. Photo booths were so last year, am I right?

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How to show a moderated live Twitter feed

You’ve got a website—and an awesome one at that—but you want to make it a bit fresher without having to log in every day an update it.  You think, “hey, I Tweet a lot, why don’t I just show my live Twitter feed on the site,” only to realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Twitter has an option you can use, but if you want to pull in content using keywords or a hashtag, it’s not as easy, and it doesn’t include moderation of any type. And that’s where Everwall comes in.

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