5 Essential Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

Every business needs good marketing tools. For nonprofits, the right tools might be more critical than ever.

When you look for the right marketing tools for nonprofits, you want something inexpensive, effective, and easy to use. After all, the more of your funds you can funnel toward the work you do, the more effective your organization is.

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When Social Media Marketing for Restaurants Goes Wrong And How to Make It Right Quickly

Ouch! When it comes to social media marketing for restaurants, an angry Tweet can be your defeat. Don’t hit “Reply” yet! Social media marketing for restaurants isn’t just the pictures you plan to send out; it’s also the spontaneous replies and comments you make. Everything you do online impacts the perception people have of your place. And for one restaurant, one night on Twitter may have cost them dearly. Back in 2013, a small eatery in Beverly Hills had booked a full Saturday evening of reservations. So much so, that walk-in diners were turned away. Only, many of those reservations…

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5 Inspiring Sports Social Media Campaign Examples You Can Learn From

Explore some of these social media campaign examples so you can stop guessing and start getting real results

Every successful social media campaign has a strategy. That strategy may be more or less developed. It could be detailed down to the minutiae, or it might be free form. What they have in common, however, is that they speak to a specific audience.

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How to Use an Event Photo Wall to Increase Attendee Participation

An event photo wall is the missing puzzle piece to astounding success at your next event.

What does it mean to have a successful event? That’s a broad question, of course. For a non-profit, it could be a fundraiser that brings in substantial donations. For a college sports team, it might be selling out sections of the stadium in advance. For vendors at a conference, it could be as simple as filling an email list or as big as laying the groundwork for a record-breaking sale.

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Restaurant Promotion Ideas That Get People to Tweet About You

Twitter and restaurant promotion ideas go together like salt and pepper – as long as you season correctly

You want social media buzz for your restaurant. There are right ways and wrong ways to build that buzz. The especially egregious ones pop up now and then; you’ve undoubtedly seen them on Twitter, or maybe even your favorite news channel. Following in the paths of the condescending waitstaff or the rude business manager are *not* ideal ways to create PR for your restaurant.

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