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We have helped thousands of nonprofits and charities raise money, put on better events, and connect.

Since 2008, thousands of events put on by nonprofits have used Everwall.

We know that what you’re doing is important: you restore lives, you save animals, you help make humanity better. And we’re happy to be just a small part of that.

We do so many events with nonprofits, that we’re pretty sure we’re the #1 social wall for nonprofits.

Charity & Nonprofit Social Wall Customers

Get a 20% discount for your nonprofit social wall

We love nonprofits so much, we have a discount program for them—so save some green!

It’s true. It’s one of the core areas that Everwall wants to support, so we’ve created a discount program that offers 20% off all social walls for nonprofits. Social Walls for Events, Social Media Digital Signage, and Social Media Hubs for Websites are all included in the discount program.

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Whether you want your event to be public, or private, we support you.

Everwall has support for traditional public facing social media—like Twitter and Instagram, but we also have support for more private methods of interacting with the social wall—like SMS (we support 17 countries), email, a customer web form (text, image, and video posts supported), Slack, and even Everwall Connect if you want to create something custom.

Twitter Instagram SMS Email Direct (Web Form) Slack Dropbox Everwall Connect

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