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Anytime we write posts that are about our Social Media Hubs for Websites (embedded Social Walls) offerings, you’ll be able to find the post here.

Social Media Hubs: The Key to Driving Success and Interaction on Your Website

Introduction to Social Media Hubs

In today’s digital era, Social Media Hubs have emerged as indispensable tools for online businesses. Serving as centralized platforms for diverse social media feeds, they allow brands to harness the power of social content, driving website engagement and fostering online interaction. These hubs aggregate content from multiple social channels, providing an all-in-one display that offers visitors a dynamic, interactive experience.

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How to display a moderated live Twitter feed

There are multiple reasons and multiple places that you may want to show a live Twitter feed. Maybe you’ve got a website, and you want it a bit fresher without having to log in every day and update it. Or maybe you have an event coming up and you want to show the live Twitter feed on the screens there in the venue? Maybe you’re a hip company with a fancy office and you want to show it on screens in your lobby… Whatever the reason and purpose, almost immediately you’ll realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Twitter has an option you can use, but if you want to pull in content automatically using keywords or a hashtag it wont work, and none of the embeds they offer have any kind of moderation. And that’s where Everwall comes in.

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How to get an Everwall Coupon Code now

We’ve received a lot of requests over the years from people building a social wall for an Everwall coupon code to get a discount. In fact, if you’re seeing this blog post, you probably Googled for a coupon code from us, too.

Well, we don’t want you to be hunting around anymore, so, we went ahead and created one to share with you right now…

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