We make it quick and easy to beautifully display social media on screens at your events.

Engage your attendees with a realtime, fully customizable social media wall—whether in person, or remote.

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A simple step-by-step builder to build your social media wall for your event.

Use our easy-to-use builder to define what content you want to show on your social media wall—by defining hashtags, keywords, phrases or @users.

Then, use the many customization options to design your social media wall. Each starting template is built to be beautiful by default, but with the included self-customization capabilities, when you’re done, your social media wall will look completely unique.

Best of all, you can fully customize your social media wall in as little as 5 minutes.

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Social Media Wall Content Sources Example

Watch Twitter

Yes, we invented the Tweetwall in 2008. And yes, as a Twitter Enterprise partner, we still support displaying Tweets in real-time.

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Monitor Instagram

We can monitor Instagram for your hashtags, too, and instantly display Instagram photos inline with the post’s text.

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Get Texts

We support text and picture messages and have phone numbers available in 17 countries, including the US and Canada.

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Listen to Slack

We can monitor Slack and instantly display posts from any of your channels — perfect for a community that’s already connected.

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Use a Web Form

Keep it private, and allow posting from a web form. Include text, images, and videos. Embeddable into mobile event apps, too.

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Post via Email

Allow your guests to post to your social wall via email, or you can password protect it if you want to keep that just for yourself.

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These are just some the most common sources we support—we have 12 different content sources available for your social media wall… Mix and match any of them you want and show them all on the same social media wall

Use a modern browser or one of our apps to broadcast your social media wall.

Create, manage, and display your social media wall using any modern browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge; or use one of our native apps to display your wall to the world.

Full-Service Social Media Walls are custom built by us, for you. Learn More »

  • Autodesk - #MTS2018 (Posts Screen)
    Autodesk — Posts View
  • Autodesk - #MTS2018 (Video Screen)
    Autodesk — Multiple Video Overlay
  • Avalara (Posts View)
    Avalara — Posts View
  • Avalara (Custom Repeating Overlay)
    Avalara — Timed Full Screen Overlays
  • B&H Photo Video (Posts Screen)
    B&H Photo Video — Posts View
  • B&H Photo Video - Video Overlay
    B&H Photo Video — Multiple Video Overlays
  • Bein - #ElClasico
    BeIN El Clasico — Jumbotron
  • British Gas - Hive Home Launch
    British Gas — Custom Design
  • Cisco Party
    Cisco After Party @ RSA Conference — Custom Design
  • Climate KIC - Climathon
    Climate-KIC — Custom Design
  • Davey - #PCFDenver
    Davey Tree @ Partners in Community Forestry Conference — Live Polling
  • DCS - #AllstarChefClassic
    DCS - All Star Chef Classic — Custom Design
  • Forbes Women's Summit
    Forbes Women's Summit — Sponsor Panel
  • Ford SEMA (Text)
    Ford (SEMA) — Custom Layout / Animations / Announcements
  • Ford SEMA (Images)
    Ford (SEMA) — Custom Layout / Animations / Announcements
  • Gartner Catalyst Conference (Post View)
    Gartner — Posts View
  • Gartner Catalyst Conference (UGC Video Overlays)
    Gartner — UGC Video Overlays (From Approved Users Only)
  • Global Gaming Expo social wall
  • HOW Design Live #1
    HOW Design Live — Custom Animating Background
  • HOW Design Live #2
    HOW Design Live — Custom Animating Background
  • HOW Design Live #3
    HOW Design Live — Custom Animating Background
  • Intel - PBWC
    Intel (PBWC) — Custom Fonts / Hashtag Cycling Animation
  • Johnson & Johnson - #BioGENEius
    Johnson & Johnson — Post Color Cycling
  • Jumpstart (Realtime Stats Integration)
    Jumpstart — Realtime Post Counter
  • Konica Minolta (Custom Agenda)
    Konica Minolta (Custom Agenda)
  • Konica Minolta - HIMSS17 (Custom Ads Rotation)
    Konica Minolta (HIMSS) — Custom Sponsors/Ads Panel
  • Laughing Cow - #ReinventSnacking
    The Laughing Cow — Custom Layout / Animations
  • Life Is Beautiful Festival
    Life Is Beautiful Festival — Custom Design
  • Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Custom Layout & Animations
    Mayweather Promotions — Custom Layout / Animations
  • Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Lower Third Chroma Key
    Mayweather Promotions — Custom Layout / Animations / Chromakey
  • NFL - Chicago Bears Block Party
    NFL's Chicago Bears — Custom Layout for Jumbotron
  • NY International Auto Show (Photos Screen)
    NY International Auto Show — Custom Layout w/ Mosiac and Text
  • NY International Auto Show (Results Screen)
    NY International Auto Show — iPad-based Polling and Results Screen
  • Omnitracs - Outlook User Conference
    Omnitracs — Custom Agenda & Sponsor Ticker
  • Pepperdine University
    Pepperdine — Custom Layout
  • Purina Pro Plan
    Purina @ Westminster Dog Show — Custom Design
  • RIMS2019
    Risk Management Society — Custom Design
  • Rutgers University - Social Wall w/Chroma Key
    Rutgers University - Social Wall w/Chroma Key
  • Rutgers University (Text Only)
    Rutgers University (Text Only)
  • Rutgers University
    Rutgers University
  • Ryse Night Club
    Ryse Night Club — Custom Design
  • Syngenta — Custom Advertising Pane
    Syngenta — Custom Sponsors/Ads Panel
  • Vizient Spring Summit
    Vizient — Custom Design
  • Custom Social Wall for Vulture Festival
    Custom Social Wall for Vulture Festival

Self-Service Social Walls are custom built by you, using our online builder. Learn More »

  • Applied Electronics Golf Tournament
    Applied Electronics Golf Tournament
  • Get Your Teach On
    Get Your Teach On
  • International Motorsports
    International Motorsports
  • Surrey Fusion Festival
    Surrey Fusion Festival
  • Premier Lacrosse League
    Premier Lacrosse League
  • Social Media Day - Tampa Bay
    Social Media Day - Tampa Bay
  • Premier Lacrosse League
    Premier Lacrosse League
  • Uplift Education
    Uplift Education
  • Scholastic
  • Yali Youth Dialogue
    Yali Youth Dialogue
  • RISE social wall
    RISE social wall
  • Standard Bank
    Standard Bank
  • InstructureCon social wall
    InstructureCon social wall
  • Oliver Field
    Oliver Field
  • WordCamp Kansas City
    WordCamp Kansas City
  • SchoologyNEXT
  • The University Caterers Conference
    The University Caterers Conference
  • Ford Motor Company
    Ford Motor Company
  • U.S. Department of Energy
    U.S. Department of Energy
  • Charlotte Business Journal social wall
  • Des Moines Public Schools
    Des Moines Public Schools
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters, Florida
    Big Brothers Big Sisters, Florida
  • Miller Lite
    Miller Lite
  • Focus Travel Partnership
    Focus Travel Partnership
  • South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
    South Carolina Chamber of Commerce
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • ACFE Global Fraud Conference
    ACFE Global Fraud Conference
  • Cloudflare Internet Summit social wall
  • Washington Town & Country Fair
    Washington Town & Country Fair
  • MoneyLIVE
  • Community College Cyber Summit
    Community College Cyber Summit
  • V Congreso Ciudades Inteligentes
    V Congreso Ciudades Inteligentes
  • Australian Information Security Association
    Australian Information Security Association
  • Analytics By Design Conference
    Analytics By Design Conference
  • Full Sail University
    Full Sail University

We scrambled last year, found you and it worked out well. I have to say this is the easiest social wall I have dealt with thank you!

Erin Bellwood, Greater Ottawa Home Builders' Association

Keep Attendees Informed

Post announcements to your social media wall—either manually or on a schedule you define—and keep your attendees up to date.

Take a Vote

Create polls, and let your attendees vote via any enabled source and see the result real-time on your social media wall.

Real-time leaderboards get your attendees in the game

Rank those engaged with your event using one of our three leaderboards and showcase the thought leaders on your social media wall. Get their name on the screen, and see engagement flourish.

Advanced Filters To Make Your Life Easier

No matter which content sources you configure for your social media wall, we’ve got some great timesaving filters to help you manage the content. Automatically block posts with our profanity filter, trending topic filter, or choose from several others. Additionally, each content source has its own block list, allow list, and source specific filters to help you automatically manage posts. We make managing your social media wall easy.

Optional Full-Moderation & Managed Moderation

There’s always a risk that automated filters might let something slip through, so we also provide the ability for you—or anyone else you want—to view and approve posts (and images/videos) before they’re shown on your social media wall.

If you need moderation, but don’t have the time, the team, or just plain don’t want to have to worry about moderating your social media wall, our Managed Moderation team can do it for you (just $199/day extra).

Social Media Wall Moderation Example

social media wall analytics example

Keep track of all of your social media wall’s posting activity, in real-time.

We track post volume, reach, source usage, languages, estimated genders, who the influencers were and more. And since we know it’s important to you, we keep the data for you, forever.

Works with in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

For in-person events, you can easily show it on any screen on site by using a standard web browser—it’s not complicated at all, and your social media wall will be a completely set it and forget it item.

And for virtual events, you can easily transition to a full screen browser scene whenever you want to create engagement, or even use one of our layouts designed to be used as an overlay. You can also use our Social Media Hub on your event’s website or within your virtual event area to show off the content created during your event.

Get Started

The social media wall for your event, can be shown on your website, too.

Pick from 4 different layouts, and then customize almost everything, or use our “raw” layout and style it exactly as you please.

Embedding it on your website or in your event app is included completely free with social media walls for events (you can also get it by itself).

And yes, this is really streaming live right now, so go ahead and send a Tweet including #kittens and watch it show up here instantly.

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Social Wall by Everwall

Most Importantly: Everwall is Reliable.

Never worry about your social media wall—it’s a set-it and forget-it item. Lose your Internet connection? No problem, it will automatically fix itself when it comes back up. High volume? We’re great at that, too.

We use both Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide us with a fully-scalable and globally redundant setup in 7 data centers around the world. And, to top that off, we use Cloudflare and their Argo Routing to ensure the fastest routing and guaranteed delivery of data to your ISP.

Reliability is something we take very seriously.

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