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We offer a lot of little tips and tricks for events—like doing social media for events, planning events, knowing event industry terms, and more. And this little corner of our blog is where you’ll find all of those event tips. Good luck!

Everything You Need To Know About Ticketing

Every event requires some sort of ticketing, ranging from a simple RSVP list to in-depth, data driven software systems. This week we are going to focus on the latest happenings in the ticketing world. It’s critical to have as accurate attendee numbers as possible to set a budget and ensure a smooth running event. It’s a waste of budget to over order on your catering or not have enough hotel rooms on site due to an oversold event. This closely follows our series from last week that looked at current innovation that is changing the event industry. Check out our pieces […]

Five Ways You Can Make Your Next Event More Innovative

Quick question – as an event management professional, what’s the one quality you want your events to possess? If you’re like most people, then your answer was that you want them to be memorable. You want your attendees to enjoy their experience, talk about your brand for months to come, and eagerly await your next event. Thing is, creating events that are truly memorable – and perhaps more importantly, truly unique – is a tall order these days. It seems like everything’s been said and done, and with more and more professionals joining the event management field with each passing […]

Unique and Amazing Venues for Your Next Event

When the time comes to choose a venue for your next event, you can do one of two things: Play it safe. Think outside the box. Playing it safe means sticking with the “same old, same old.” For example, you could book a conference room at a hotel or floor space at a convention center. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of these options, there may come a time when you want to think outside the box. This means comparing a number of unique and amazing venues, hoping to find one that will give your event the “it […]

What Gifts Should You Give Your Clients This Holiday Season?

‘Tis the season for gifts and giving. As an event manager, you’re no doubt already trying to come up with some gift giving ideas for your most valued clients. And if you aren’t, you should be. Feelings of warm and fuzzy generosity aside, there are plenty of reasons to think up a few gifts to hand out to your clients this Christmas, chief of which is loyalty. See, generally speaking, people enjoy getting gifts. And if you give them something meaningful, they’re definitely a lot likelier to regard you in a positive light – and that much likelier to choose […]

Reasons to Ask Your Team for Feedback After an Event

You put your heart and soul into planning and managing an event, hoping that everything is just right. Once the final day comes and goes, you can look back and assess the good, the bad, and of course, the ugly (hopefully not much of this). While self-assessment is important, don’t overlook the benefits of asking your team for feedback. There is a good chance that everybody will have a different stance on the event. Three Reasons to Speak Up It doesn’t matter if you ask for feedback in person, via email, or through an online survey, it is imperative to […]