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We offer a lot of little tips and tricks for events—like doing social media for events, planning events, knowing event industry terms, and more. And this little corner of our blog is where you’ll find all of those event tips. Good luck!

Tips for Better Networking at Your Events

People attend events for a variety of reasons, with networking often at the top of the list. As an event professional, there are steps you can take to promote networking and boost the likelihood of attendees achieving success in this area. Why would somebody want to attend your event? In addition to learning, networking is a response that many will share. They want to connect with others in their space, such as to drum up new business or to simply broaden their network for future benefits. Here are some face-to-face networking statistics from HubSpot to help you better understand why […]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning a Social Media Timeline

A ton has already been written about the power of social media as a marketing tool, especially in the event industry. Few other fields can make such extensive a use of social networks, and few other industries have as much to gain from doing social right. While I’m sure you already know that social media is important, you might not yet be clear on how to create a social media timeline that ensures your next event gets the biggest boost possible from social.

Running an effective social event starts with proper planning. It starts with a timeline, one which covers everything from initial preparation to post-event wrap-up. And within that overall timeline, is where we’re focused today—specifically, creating the social media timeline.

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Boosting Social Media at Events

Last week we looked into ticketing for your next event. We are now switching our focus to social media. How you can use it at events and then amplify it to get the most out of your marketing efforts? With everything from constant changes in a platform’s algorithm to tips in boosting engagement during an event, we are spilling all of our secret tips. Be sure to catch these posts: Increasing Social Media at Events: See how to use the latest technology to boost social media at your events. Engaging both attendees and those who are not present at the […]

RFID: A Good Choice for Your Event?

There are many benefits of RFID, especially from an event technology perspective. While you don’t have to implement this technology at an upcoming event, it’s a strategy to consider. And here is why: Improved efficiency regarding event entry Additional revenue streams Looks good to attendees Access to real time insights and data Eliminate counterfeit tickets So besides the basic understanding of RFID benefits, there is a big question to answer: how do you know if this technology is a good fit for your event? SEE: Using Technology to Boost Attendance Others have used this successfully, but that doesn’t mean you can […]

Paper vs. Online Invitations: A Big Decision for Your Event

Go back in time 20+ years and you will find that sending event invitations was straightforward. Your only option, for the most part, was to send paper invitations. In today’s day and age, things have changed a bit. Now, you have a couple of options though the most popular is online. Which one is right for your event? Which one will attract the most attendees? Here is what makes a decision so difficult: there is no right or wrong answer. The choice is yours, and you can only make a final decision once you are comfortable with the pros and cons […]