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We offer a lot of little tips and tricks for events—like doing social media for events, planning events, knowing event industry terms, and more. And this little corner of our blog is where you’ll find all of those event tips. Good luck!

How to Create an Event Page that Increases Conversions

So you market for your next event and it’s working! People are rushing to your landing page to get more information and purchase their tickets or RSVP. You now have a captive audience who is ready to join in, now what? Are you prepared to keep them entertained and excited about your event? Will they actually purchase tickets? Before you declare your event page perfect,m here are some questions to answer: What is the primary purpose of the page? Do you want visitors to buy a ticket, provide an email address, or take some other step? What type of information […]

How Can You Bring Your Icebreakers Into The Digital Era?

Sparking a conversation with a group was difficult enough before the Internet existed. Now, however, we’re living in a society where all of us are bombarded with information on a daily basis, such that any message which doesn’t immediately stand out is lost in all the noise. There’s even a term for it – information overload. Thing is, that very same technology responsible for this overload can also be one of the most effective tools for learning, engagement, and creativity in your arsenal. All you need to do is break the ice. Once you do that – once you get […]

Sweatworking: The Ultimate Guide to Combining Event Networking and Fitness

Boost connections and fitness with sweatworking: the ultimate fusion of networking and exercise. Uncover the secrets to successful events!

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for exercise can be challenging. However, the benefits of physical activity extend beyond health and wellness. Exercise can also foster stronger relationships and improve our mood, leading to the emergence of a new trend: sweatworking. This innovative concept combines networking and fitness, offering a unique way to connect while promoting health and wellness.

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Tips for Better Networking at Your Events

Networking at your events made better: Learn essential tips for meaningful connections and enhancing attendee experience. People attend events for a variety of reasons, with networking often at the top of the list. As an event professional, there are steps you can take to promote networking and boost the likelihood of attendees achieving success in this area. Why would somebody want to attend your event? In addition to learning, networking is a response that many will share. They want to connect with others in their space, such as to drum up new business or to simply broaden their network for […]

A Step-By-Step Guide to Planning a Social Media Timeline

A ton has already been written about the power of social media as a marketing tool, especially in the event industry. Few other fields can make such extensive a use of social networks, and few other industries have as much to gain from doing social right. While I’m sure you already know that social media is important, you might not yet be clear on how to create a social media timeline that ensures your next event gets the biggest boost possible from social.

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