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We offer a lot of little tips and tricks for events—like doing social media for events, planning events, knowing event industry terms, and more. And this little corner of our blog is where you’ll find all of those event tips. Good luck!

What Data to Collect at a Festival

Harnessing festival data effectively can simplify a seemingly challenging task, and with a strategic plan in place, it can provide invaluable insights to enhance your festival planning and execution.

As a festival organizer, it’s critical to understand that the data gathered today forms the foundation for informed decisions tomorrow. Thus, it becomes imperative to master the techniques of collecting festival data. By implementing the right strategies, you’ll end up with a plethora of valuable data to sift through once your event concludes.

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Three Exciting Types of Retreats You Can Host and How to Successfully Organize Them

In our fast-paced, hyperconnected world, the desire to escape the noise and retreat into tranquility is stronger than ever. Planning a retreat-styled event offers a fantastic opportunity to promote a brand or foster goodwill among employees. Here, we’ll explore three different types of retreats and provide tips to help you plan and host them successfully. General Advice for Planning Retreats Before diving into the specifics of each retreat type, let’s cover some general advice applicable to all retreats: Marketing is crucial: Like any event, people need to know about your retreat before they can attend. A robust advertising campaign is […]

Ten Tips To Figure Out Who To Market To

Ten Tips To Figure Out Who To Market To: Avoid marketing disasters by discovering and reaching your ideal consumers through these 10 tips.

Bungled marketing: we’ve all experienced it at one point or another. An online ad supposedly targeted at us swings completely wide of our actual interests. A TV spot on a network we’re watching is totally irrelevant to us – and to most of the other people watching that network, as well. An ad on Facebook that couldn’t be aimed at a worse target.

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5 Tips for Planning an Event Abroad

When planning an overseas event, the excitement of taking your event to international soil can be exhilarating. However, navigating the intricacies of different cultures, languages, and logistical challenges can be a daunting task. We at Everwall are here to ensure that your venture into planning an event abroad is not only successful but also an enriching experience. Here are five invaluable tips to keep in mind.

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Five Marketing Tips for An Event

The date is set. Your team is in place. The only thing left is to get the word out. Simply put, your marketing strategy will make or break the success of your event. To ensure maximum reach and attendance, you must create a comprehensive and effective marketing plan using these marketing tips for an event.

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