Ready to fill more seats at your next event? Innovative stadium ideas are the key to keeping live sporting events exciting and profitable.

You get your tickets, park your car, grab a hot dog and soda from the concession stand, and cheer on your favorite team for a few hours. Going to a game is a fun and exciting way to spend an evening.

The teams of today, however, have a lot of competition – and not just on the field. With cable, pay-per-view, and DVR, venues and teams have had to up the ante by implementing innovative stadium ideas that create an exciting experience to keep fans engaged before, during, and after the sporting event.

How can you help your team get on board to meet – and exceed – your fans’ expectations? It’s time to get creative.

Innovative stadium ideas athletic teams are using to sell tickets

Ticket- 10 Innovative Stadium Ideas That Are Filling Seats1. Dynamic ticket pricing

According to Statista, the average price for a ticket to a National Football League game is $92.98. In an effort to set more realistic ticket prices and bring more people in, some teams are offering dynamic ticket pricing. Dynamic prices are modified in real time to factor in the current market, a team’s opponent, weather conditions, and other supply and demand factors. This helps fans feel like they’re getting a fair price – and it helps fill seats.

2. Video boards

TV is the biggest competitor for sports stadiums – so the Jacksonville Jaguars decided that if they couldn’t beat them, they would join them. In 2014, the team installed 362-foot long screens. The video boards share updates on other teams playing the same day, statistics, highlights, and replays. The massive video screens are a great way to create a memorable, interactive fan experience.

3. Fan involvement

If you work for a college team, don’t just guess what the fans are expecting at your stadium – ask them. When Florida Atlantic University was struggling to fill its stadium, they surveyed students and season ticket holders and worked with its student government and Greek system to make attending games more desirable. Now, students are allowed to use their meal cards at games and give continual input about what’s offered. You could even poll fans in real time using your video board and social media wall. Twitter and Instagram are fantastic social platforms for fan engagement.

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4. Viewing options

Consider offering fans additional viewing options to enhance their in-stadium experience. For instance, some professional teams, such as the Chiefs, 49ers, and Eagles, enable fans to stream the NFL Red Zone channel and watch highlights using stadium Wi-Fi.

Fan relationship- 10 Innovative Stadium Ideas That Are Filling Seats5. Helpful mobile apps

Create an app for your stadium that addresses fan pain points, such as parking, directions to seats, bathroom wait times, and ordering food from seats.

6. Fan relationships

This may not seem that “innovative” at first glance, but it is for many teams. Plenty of stadiums have social media accounts, but they’re so focused on blasting out content that they forget to actually talk to their followers. Sports and stadium events are all about being a dedicated group, and when there’s an authentic connection on social, your fans will become even more invested. Take the time to answer DMs and respond to public posts that mention your team – and reward those loyal fans with tickets or special events.

7. Leverage star power

When you’re thinking of innovative stadium ideas to attract ticketed fans on social media, don’t limit yourself to just your stadium’s social accounts – figure out how to get the players involved. For example, Lambeau Field (home of the Green Bay Packers) has about 43k Twitter followers. But Aaron Rodgers, the team’s quarterback, has 4.43 million followers. Imagine the reach your posts could get if Rogers retweeted one? Or if you had Rodgers do a quick, funny video that showcased what the stadium is like on game day?

8. Get charitable

To fill more seats in your stadium, donate some to a player’s favorite charity each game. Promote the initiative on social media and have the player post about it. This act of goodwill not only reduces the number of empty seats on TV but also gives people who couldn’t afford tickets a chance to attend a live game, which can be life-changing for them.

Charity- 10 Innovative Stadium Ideas That Are Filling Seats9. In-stadium contests

People who are already buying tickets to events at your stadium are also the ones who can help you fill more seats. Use your video board to post a social wall – like Everwall – and create an interactive social media contest while a game is happening. Make it something simple, like submit a photo with a unique hashtag. The idea is to get as many people posting on their social accounts as possible so their friends and family sitting at home will see how much fun they’re having — and hopefully, buy tickets in the future.

10. Create an experience

A lot of newer, innovate stadium ideas revolve around ways to turn a game into an experience. Go beyond the sport and think of other reasons paying fans may want to come to a game. For example, the Jacksonville Jaguars built a pool and party deck. Other stadiums are also building fun bars and creating yummy menus. If you have unique items on your menu, fans will likely take photos of their food (you know they can’t resist) and post the pics on social media. One image of an insane cheeseburger could be what gets a whole group of people to come to a game.

Old school and new technology: Innovative stadium ideas combine both

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by numerous technology options, begin by focusing on fans’ fundamental desires, which include having fun, being part of a supportive group, and making memories. Afterward, explore which social media and technological solutions will maintain their engagement. The key to generating innovative stadium ideas is to adopt a fan-centric perspective, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the process!

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