Digital signage for internal communications has evolved significantly, upgrading traditional methods like push pin noticeboards or email announcements.

Digital signage uses office screens to engage employees, streamline information sharing, and enhance engagement with vibrant images and interactive content. It displays content from various mediums like Slack, social media, and email, making it indispensable for internal communication and fostering creativity and efficiency.

In this article, we explore five innovative ways to use digital signage, from highlighting achievements to fostering recognition through engagement programs. Each section includes practical examples to maximize impact.

1. Highlighting Company or Employee Achievements and Milestones

Digital signage celebrates milestones and achievements, boosting employee morale. Strategically placed digital screens showcase real-time achievements, such as sales targets reached or project milestones completed, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications-01Company Celebrations & Goals

  • KPI Dashboards: Display key performance indicators to show progress and success in real time. Company sales would be a great example for this.
  • Countdowns to Milestone Events: Use countdowns to build anticipation for upcoming events or deadlines.
  • New Hires: Welcome new team members with digital messages to make new team members feel welcome during their first week.

Employee Recognition and Milestone Celebrations

  • Sales Gong/Celebrations: Recognize employees who reach sales targets or close notable deals.
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries: Displaying on screens employee birthdays or anniversaries can be a nice surprise for employees.
  • Recognition of Employee Achievements: Highlight individual or team achievements with Employee Recognition Spotlights or a Wall of Fame.

Digital signage keeps the workforce informed, motivated, and inspired by visibly acknowledging their hard work. Incorporating company history and core values into the digital content can strengthen unity and reinforce corporate culture.

2. Facilitating Real-Time Updates and Alerts

Digital signage excels in delivering real-time updates and alerts, ensuring all employees stay informed with the latest information.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications-02Real-Time Alerts

  • Urgent Notifications: Digital signage can disseminate urgent alerts across an organization instantly, ensuring that employees are aware and can respond appropriately. With services like Everwall, not only will it display on screens throughout the business, but you can embed the digital signage into intranets and display the messages on your intranet at the same time.
  • Safety Protocols: Digital screens can provide visual guides and instructions, ensuring that safety protocols are followed, thereby minimizing confusion and enhancing safety.

Operational Updates

  • Policy Changes and Company News: Quick updates about policy shifts or important company announcements can be communicated effectively through digital signage, keeping everyone informed and aligned with corporate standards. With services like Everwall, you can post the information as messages, or use an always-on ticker announcement to disseminate the information.
  • Event Reminders: Digital screens are perfect for broadcasting reminders about upcoming meetings or corporate events, ensuring maximum participation.

Workflow Enhancements

  • Task Management: By displaying updated task lists and progress charts, digital signage helps in streamlining workflows and enhancing productivity.
  • Collaborative Projects: For projects requiring team collaboration, digital signage can show real-time updates on project statuses and milestones, fostering a collaborative work environment.

Digital signage keeps the workforce informed and supports a culture of promptness and accountability.

3. Promoting Your Employee Recognition Programs

Digital signage promotes employee recognition programs, boosting morale and productivity. Highlight individual or team achievements to foster a positive workplace culture. By highlighting individual or team achievements, companies can foster a positive workplace culture that values and celebrates contributions.

Digital Signage for Internal Communications-03Things to Recognize On Your Displays

  • Digital Wall of Fame: Celebrate exceptional employees by featuring them on a digital wall of fame, which can be updated in real time to reflect new achievements.
  • Sales Leaderboards: Utilize the digital signage to create dynamic leaderboards that showcases the companies sales leaders can be a great way to keep your sales teams focused on doing better than their peers. Everwall offers a “Custom” leaderboard type that allows you to easily upload an Excel document to change the leaderboard for this purpose.
  • Thank You Letters & Reviews: When employees earn a positive review or receive a thank you letter, publishing them on your digital signage can be a great way to highlight their great customer service and inspire others to be great at customer service.

Where to Place Digital Signage

  • High Foot Traffic Areas: Place digital screens in areas where they are easily visible to ensure maximum engagement and acknowledgment. Places like lunch or break rooms, employee entrances, or in sales bullpens where the sales team can easily see the current leaderboards are great locations.
  • On Your Internal Websites: Your Intranet is a great place to include your digital signage, especially if your business opens that page when people turn on their computers.
  • In Your Internal Communications Tools: Internal communications locations—like your designated Slack or Microsoft Teams channels—can be a great place not only to put similar messages, but with services like Everwall, it can actually be what updates your digital signage.

A multi-channel approach ensures acknowledgments are widely seen, enhancing the impact and promoting a recognition-rich environment.

4. Enhancing Internal Training

Digital Signage for Internal Communications-04Digital signage makes corporate training more engaging and effective. Use it to display engaging training videos and live-stream sessions to reinforce materials and make learning interactive.

  • Engaging Training Content: Utilize digital signage to broadcast engaging short-form training videos that highlight critical training points. This approach not only captures attention but also enhances information retention. Basically TikTok or Instagram Reels for your employees (both of which Everwall supports).
  • Live Streaming and Updates: Facilitate real-time learning by live-streaming educational sessions and workshops, allowing employees in different locations to participate simultaneously. We have a layout designed for this, too!
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate quizzes, polls, and feedback loops directly on digital screens to foster interactive learning environments and gamify the experience, making learning fun and effective.

Regular content updates ensure training material remains fresh, maintaining employee interest and engagement. By strategically placing digital signage in high-traffic areas, companies ensure maximum exposure, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training programs (see our third point for more tips on this!).

5. Boosting Your Social Content with Employee Engagement

Digital Signage for Internal Communications-05Digital signage delivers real-time information that keeps employees informed and connected to the company’s vision. Using Everwall, organizations can display social media feeds on strategically placed digital screens. This keeps employees aligned with public marketing goals and promotes a transparent workplace culture.

Everwall helps companies show their social media posts on digital signage and intranet sites. This makes it easier for employees to see and engage with the content. When employees like, favorite, reply, or repost your content, they help spread your company’s messages on social media.


Digital signage enriches the employee experience by blending information dissemination with engagement. From celebrating achievements to enhancing training, promoting recognition, and boosting social content interaction, digital signage modernizes corporate communications.

The practical examples provided illustrate diverse use-cases and the significance of strategic implementation to maximize impact. Digital signage fosters a vibrant, informed, and united workforce.

Ready to transform your internal communications? Give Everwall a try and discover how our advanced digital signage solutions can help you achieve your goals. Enhance your workplace with vibrant, interactive, and dynamic content that resonates with your team. Get started today and see the difference Everwall can make!