Event photo sharing plays a crucial role in maximizing engagement and effectively immortalizing the energy and emotion of an event. Not only does sharing photos encourage other attendee’s to participate, but it also significantly expands an event’s reach and visibility when those photos are shared on social media. Companies like Everwall have revolutionized this space by providing social media walls that display shared photos in real-time.

This article explains how to elevate your event photo sharing strategy by focusing on five key areas, from pre-event planning and capturing high-quality event photos to real-time sharing and leveraging these photos for future events.

Strategy 1: Pre-Event Planning

Creating a Photo Sharing Strategy

5 Event Photo Sharing Strategies-01To ensure a successful event, it’s vital to determine the most suitable social media platforms for photo sharing based on the demographics of the audience. By understanding which platforms are frequented by the audience, organizers can effectively tailor their photo sharing strategy to maximize engagement.

In general younger crowds will be more ok with posting their photos to social media, like on X (Twitter), Instagram, and TikTok, while older people may be more reserved and prefer to submit them directly to you via SMS or a web form.

Setting Objectives

Clear objectives are essential for guiding the photo sharing activities before, during, and after the event. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, drive ticket sales, or enhance attendee engagement, each objective should inform the type of content shared and the overall approach to photo sharing.

No matter what your objectives are, be sure to clearly write them down, and find the best way to track it as you go, and during your post event analysis.

Assigning Roles

Deciding on and clearly communicating the responsibilities for taking photos, posting to social media, and monitoring engagement helps in ensuring that the event runs smoothly. Each team member should understand their specific roles and how they contribute to the event’s success. This structured approach not only optimizes the workflow but also enhances the effectiveness of the photo sharing strategy.

You should also determine what roles your team will NOT be doing, for example you may wish to hire a professional photographer instead of doing that role on your own.

Strategy 2: Capturing High-Quality Event Photos

Taking Them Yourself: Equipment, Tools, and Tips

5 Event Photo Sharing Strategies-02For capturing high-quality event photos, having the right equipment is essential. A basic kit should include at least two camera bodies to ensure redundancy—one can serve as a backup if the other fails. It’s advisable to have lenses that cover a range of focal lengths. For instance, a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm lens are versatile starting points that allow for both wide group shots and distant captures without intruding on the event’s atmosphere. Additionally, a flash is crucial for low light situations, which are common at indoor events. The flash helps not only in illuminating subjects but also in focusing in dim settings using the onboard infrared (IR) assist.

Understanding your equipment and being able to adjust settings quickly is paramount in event photography. Use a wide aperture to allow more light into the camera, which is especially beneficial in low-light conditions. A minimum of f/2.8 is recommended. For events involving action, such as sports, a lens with a minimum focal length of 200mm is essential to capture the dynamics from a distance. Always ensure you have plenty of batteries and memory cards, as running out can mean missing crucial moments. Additionally, consider the use of dual camera straps for ease of handling multiple cameras during long events.

Getting Photos From Attendees

Incorporating tools like Everwall can significantly enhance the photo sharing experience by allowing attendees to share their photos via SMS, Web Form, or social media, which are then displayed on social media walls at the event. This not only boosts engagement but it also has the benefit of making it easy to download all of the photos.

Custom Social Wall for Vulture Festival

Live Streaming

For events where real-time sharing is crucial, consider integrating live streaming. This requires not only a good camera setup but also a reliable internet connection and appropriate streaming equipment. Quality audio and video equipment enhance the viewer’s experience, making the event more engaging and professional. A tripod can help stabilize the video feed, preventing shaky footage, which is essential for maintaining a high-quality stream. Outsourcing this to professionals is common, and highly recommended.

Strategy 3: Real-Time Sharing

Live Uploads

Live streaming your event on social media platforms helps you connect with global audiences effectively, with 58% of marketers utilizing social media for live video events since 2019. This method not only expands reach but also increases participation, providing a platform to share special moments as they happen.

Event planners can enhance this by encouraging attendees to upload photos and videos in real-time while using social media walls provided by companies like Everwall to display these contributions live at the event or embedded next to the video feed.

5EventPhotoSharingStrategies-03Event Hashtags

Creating a unique and memorable hashtag for your event simplifies the process of photo sharing and increases visibility. For example, using a universal hashtag that is short, relevant, and easy to remember can help attendees and online viewers find and share content effortlessly. Event organizers should ensure the hashtag is visible in all promotions and during the event itself to encourage maximum participation.

During the event, you can also boost the usage of your event hashtag by incorporating a social media wall and putting it in highly trafficked areas. And if you’re doing a hybrid event, you can also include the social media posts on your event’s website.

Instant Feedback

Real-time feedback during events can significantly enhance attendee engagement. Live polling and interactive Q&A sessions allow attendees to voice their opinions and interact directly with the event, keeping the content fresh and relevant. Tools like live polls and feedback options integrated into event apps can provide immediate insights into attendee preferences and satisfaction, helping organizers tailor the event dynamically.

Strategy 4: Post-Event Sharing Strategies

Highlight Reels

Creating compelling highlight reels post-event is a powerful way to showcase the energy and key moments from your event.

  1. Start by selecting visually striking shots that convey the essence of the event, focusing on keynote speeches, interactive activities, and networking sessions.
  2. Edit these clips to tell a coherent story, beginning with an engaging opener and concluding with a memorable end that leaves a lasting impression.
  3. Enhance the visual appeal through color correction and appropriate graphics to provide context and key information.

Creating Photo Galleries

After the event, organizing photos into galleries can serve multiple purposes. Share these galleries on social media or embed them in blog posts to maintain engagement with attendees and attract new participants. Additionally, using images in press releases can extend the event’s reach and provide content for future marketing materials.

If you’re using a service like Everwall, you can easily access any of the photos that people included with the posts that they sent on social media.

Thank-You Messages

Sending personalized thank-you messages to attendees, speakers, and sponsors is crucial for fostering strong relationships and encouraging future participation. Include photos or videos that highlight their involvement and the event’s success. For sponsors, detailed feedback on their return on investment and visibility at the event can be particularly valuable.

Strategy 5: Leveraging Photos for Future Events

Building an Event Portfolio

An effective event portfolio showcases the organizer’s capabilities through high-quality event photos, detailed descriptions, and testimonials. This online presence not only highlights their expertise but also builds trust with potential clients.

Organizers should include diverse elements in their portfolio, such as overall event designs and close-ups of intricate details like centerpieces, to capture the breadth of their skills. Including videos that attendees took can further engage visitors and provide a dynamic view of the events.

5EventPhotoSharingStrategies-04Attracting Sponsors

Event photos can significantly enhance sponsorship opportunities by demonstrating the event’s visual appeal and execution. High-quality images prove the organizer’s ability to host memorable events, making it easier to attract sponsors who see the value in associating their brand with such professionalism.

Organizers should ensure that event photos are well-branded and include before and after shots to showcase transformation and impact, thereby attracting sponsors looking for tangible proof of a successful event.

Encouraging Repeat Visitors

Photos play a crucial role in encouraging repeat attendance. By sharing engaging and memorable images from events, organizers can remind past attendees of the enjoyable experiences they had, prompting them to return.

By leveraging event photos effectively, organizers can build a compelling example of what to expect, attract valuable sponsors, and foster a loyal attendee base, ensuring sustained success for future events.


Throughout this article, we have explored various event photo sharing strategies that promise to elevate engagement and extend the reach of any event. From the meticulous planning before the event to the strategic sharing afterwards, each step in this article plays a crucial role in enhancing participant engagement and leveraging the content.

The integration of real-time sharing solutions like social walls that are offered by Everwall can amplify these effects, creating an immersive and interactive environment that not only engages attendees but also significantly boosts the event’s visibility and reach.

As we look forward to driving greater engagement and interaction at our future events, incorporating innovative solutions such as Everwall’s social media walls becomes indispensable. To start a free trial and learn more about how Everwall can help display your event photos on screens at your event, click here.