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Welcome to the Event Planning section of our blog! Here you’ll find all the articles we have that are related to Event Planning as a whole.  Obviously we’ll throw in some relevant info about Everwall, if it makes sense to do so.

Shattered Walls: Why Modern Event Management Needs Document Control

There’s already been a lot of talk about the security risks associated with mobility. How even though mobile devices make things infinitely more convenient, they also represent a significant threat to one’s organization if they’re not properly managed. This is true of any industry – including event management. However, it may not be true for all the reasons you’d expect. See, everybody already knows that mobile malware is dangerous. They’re aware that lost and stolen devices can release torrents of sensitive data into the wild, and that employees who fall pretty to a phishing scam can compromise an entire organization. […]

Decision Fatigue Can Hinder the Success of Your Event

As an event planner, you are faced with one decision after the next. Which venue is best? Which vendors should I hire? How will I stay within budget? These are just some of the many questions that will need answered along the way. Decision fatigue, a phrase created by Dr. Roy Baumeister, a Professor of Psychology at Florida State University, is very real. Based on his studies, the more decisions a person makes, regardless of the importance, the less willpower he or she has. Subsequently, this causes poor decisions in the future as well as a lack of performance. How […]

Unique and Amazing Venues for Your Next Event

When the time comes to choose a venue for your next event, you can do one of two things: Play it safe. Think outside the box. Playing it safe means sticking with the “same old, same old.” For example, you could book a conference room at a hotel or floor space at a convention center. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with either of these options, there may come a time when you want to think outside the box. This means comparing a number of unique and amazing venues, hoping to find one that will give your event the “it […]

How You Can Refresh Your Event Management Firm In The New Year

A New Year is upon us! Traditionally, this is when we look back at the past year and think about all the stuff we did right (and wrong); when we look forward and draw up a few New Years’ resolutions we’ll probably end up breaking in a few months. Coincidentally, it’s also the perfect time to refresh your event management business. I should explain. See, every business no matter how successful runs the risk of getting a bit stale after a while. If you aren’t regularly mixing things up and coming up with new ideas and approaches, then you may […]

What Gifts Should You Give Your Clients This Holiday Season?

‘Tis the season for gifts and giving. As an event manager, you’re no doubt already trying to come up with some gift giving ideas for your most valued clients. And if you aren’t, you should be. Feelings of warm and fuzzy generosity aside, there are plenty of reasons to think up a few gifts to hand out to your clients this Christmas, chief of which is loyalty. See, generally speaking, people enjoy getting gifts. And if you give them something meaningful, they’re definitely a lot likelier to regard you in a positive light – and that much likelier to choose […]