5 Tips for Planning an Event Abroad

Last Updated on July 20, 2023

When planning an overseas event, the excitement of taking your event to international soil can be exhilarating. However, navigating the intricacies of different cultures, languages, and logistical challenges can be a daunting task. We at Everwall are here to ensure that your venture into planning an event abroad is not only successful but also an enriching experience. Here are five invaluable tips to keep in mind.

Planning- 5 Tips for Planning an Event Abroad1. Dive into the Local Culture and Language:

When planning an international event, it’s essential to have a grasp on the local culture and language. While you don’t need to be completely fluent, being familiar with common words and phrases will ease communication. Moreover, understand the cultural nuances, etiquette, and social norms to prevent any inadvertent faux pas. This effort demonstrates respect and willingness to engage with the local community, which is indispensable for building relationships and ensuring the success of your event.

2. Meticulously Evaluate Venue Details:

Cultural differences can affect the most basic elements, such as the size and layout of venues. In the United States, you might be accustomed to large conference spaces, but that might not be the case abroad. Pay close attention to the specifics such as size, available technology, and the ambiance of the venue. Evaluate if the venue aligns with your event’s theme and if it offers the necessary amenities.

Local Culture- 5 Tips for Planning an Event Abroad3. Prioritize Safety and Security:

When planning an event abroad, it’s vital to ensure the safety of all attendees. Research the destination’s safety records and local regulations. Hire reputable security teams and consult local authorities or experts for recommendations on the appropriate level of security. Make sure that your event complies with the safety standards and regulations of the host country.

4. Incorporate Local Elements:

Integrating local flavors, arts, or traditions into your event can enhance the overall experience for your attendees. Consider hiring local caterers who specialize in traditional cuisine, or incorporate local music and entertainment. This can be an excellent way to pay tribute to the host country and offer attendees a unique, memorable experience.

5. Provide Comprehensive Attendee Support:

Event Planner App- 5 Tips for Planning an Event AbroadFacilitate a seamless experience for attendees by providing essential support and information. This can include transportation arrangements, local maps, guides, detailed itineraries, and contact information. Additionally, consider creating an event app or a webpage where attendees can access all this information and receive updates in real-time.


As you set sail on the exciting journey of planning an overseas event, remember that careful attention to culture, safety, and details can make or break your event. By embracing the local culture, ensuring the safety of attendees, evaluating venues meticulously, incorporating local elements, and providing comprehensive support, you’re well on your way to creating a landmark international event.

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