There are more than a few creative ways to promote an event. Some of them are way more effective than others.

Can we be honest for a minute? Did you ever go to a game and when you got back to your car, there’s a flyer under your windshield wiper? Do you give it more than a passing glance? Do you get irritated?

For a brief moment in time, that was one of the more creative ways to promote an event, but that time is long gone. People are more conscious of the environmental impact that kind of advertising can have. As with many advertising and promotion ideas, some are better than others, and some should be put to rest, but digital promotion is almost always a winning way to go. Digital is more resource-friendly, has a larger potential ROI, and is usually easy to tweak so you can more easily target your audience.

Of course, there are still hundreds of creative ways to promote an event through digital means, from banner ads to pay-per-click to email blasts. One of our favorite promotion channels is social media. And it’s not just us being biased, either. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, social networks rank first for consumers deciding where to shop. And Hootsuite points out that 80% of Twitter users are affluent millennials.

Cool, right? Now how do you tap into that to promote your event? How can your promotion be even better with a Twitter wall? (Or our personal recommendation, an Everwall?)

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5 Creative ways to promote an event that you haven’t thought of yet

FOMO- 5 Creative Ways to Promote an Event with a Twitter Wall1. Take advantage of FOMO

FOMO. Fear of missing out. It’s a real thing, and it’s a top-notch marketing tactic. It’s the primary explanation for so many fads (Pet Rocks, anyone?) But FOMO isn’t all bad. When someone Tweets about how great the pretzels are at your concession stand, and that shows up on your Twitter wall for all to see, not only do your sales go up, but you have more happy people at your game. Why? They have a pretzel, and pretzels make people happy. But also, getting your name and opinion on the Twitter wall gets people pretty stoked, too.

2. Engage influencers

Everyone loves to see their favorite star on the big screen – or the small screen. (You can have multiple Twitter walls, and they can be as small as a television or as large as your jumbotron.) Here, the University of Virginia Women’s soccer team did a little name dropping. Three of their graduates went on to compete, and win, in the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

When that shows up on your Twitter wall, your fans start thinking about the fantastic soccer program and how good those games are. There’s a little FOMO thrown in here, too. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to see some of the best athletes in the game?

Poll- 5 Creative Ways to Promote an Event with a Twitter Wall3. Run a poll

Who doesn’t love sharing their opinion? (Let’s leave Uncle Roy and Thanksgiving dinner out of this.) Run a poll for your spectators and watch their answers show up on your Twitter wall. Who should be the game’s MVP? Which stand has the best beer? Will the Chicago White Sox ever get the respect they deserve? Ask your question, encourage participants to respond using your hashtag, and BAM!

4. Cross-promote

Take a look back at the second point for a moment. You could get a lot of promotional mileage out of that Tweet. Send it out and share it on your Twitter wall during any other of your sports events, and you’re promoting your entire sports program. You could promote an upcoming game, one of your teams, season tickets, or any number of events. Don’t miss your opportunity to draw your fans into other aspects of your organization.

That’s one of the secrets to marketing efficiently. Make something you can use more than once. You could (and should) promote the next game, but you can also promote your entire organization with a few carefully planned ideas.

Tweet- 5 Creative Ways to Promote an Event with a Twitter Wall5. Tweet yourself

A great photo, a cool statistic, and you’ve got a Tweet. Check out the way the Arizona Diamondbacks did a little self-promotion with this simple Tweet. There are plenty of creative ways to promote an event through fan-generated content and cross-promotion, but you still need to promote your own content and team.

Bonus Tip: The selfie Twitter wall

Got a cool logo? A photogenic mascot? Turn them into a selfie wall. People love taking selfies, and they love showing up on your screen. Hire a local artist to create a selfie wall, then ask fans to post their pictures using your hashtag. The more people show up on your Twitter wall, the more people will want to be part of the action.

Promoting your events through a Twitter wall is an easy way to engage fans and encourage them to share, and it takes minimal extra effort on your part.

Keep fans informed and watch your branding efforts come to life with Everwall. For folks at home, you can even embed the feed on your team’s website. Start building your social wall today!