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Everything You Need To Know About Working With Journalists As An Event Planner

As an event management professional, you’re eventually going to have to work with the press. Whether they’re covering your entire conference or simply showing up to report on a particularly poignant keynote, journalists are an important component of every event bar. It’s important that you know precisely how to communicate with them – and how to deal with them. Journalists play an incredibly important role in event management, like it or not. Depending on your relationship with the press, it can either be one of the most powerful publicity tools in your arsenal, or one of the most damaging threats […]

What To Look For In A PR Firm

In the business world, communication is everything – and the value of being able to communicate effectively cannot be understated. There’s a reason public relations is so valued in enterprise, after all. PR professionals are communicators by trade; they know exactly how to establish a rapport with their audience, and precisely how to handle a given situation, whether it’s a crisis or simply an outreach campaign. Of course, they don’t often come cheap. Hiring a PR firm is usually a pretty hefty investment, so it sort of goes without saying that you want to make sure you aren’t just throwing […]

PR: How Much Do You Know?

As we all know, PR is so important for both your event firm as well as for the individual events that you throw. It may seem simple from a distance, but once you really get to the details, it can be quite a tedious task. What it really comes down to is who you know and how well you really know them. We broke down different parts of how to get the perfect PR team or even do it yourself if you are ready to get to work and have the right contacts. We will be covering the following topics: […]

Seven Steps For The Perfect Event Logo

Your logo says a lot about your event. It’s the first thing any of your guests see, and the first thing they engage with. It’s more than just a pretty picture you can slap on to conference bags, brochures, and your website; it’s the visual representation of your event. The better it looks, the better people are going to feel about attending. If you want your logo to look like anything more than clipart, then the design process is going to be long, involved, and demanding. The reward, however, is more than worth it. If you put in the necessary work […]

Tips for Relating To Clients

I’ve said on several occasions that event planners need to be natural storytellers, but there’s a bit more to it than that. An event manager needs to be able to engage their audience on a personal and human level, but at the same time, they need to be able to present themselves as professionals. It can be a difficult balance to maintain, and in unskilled hands, relatability and professionalism tend to be mutually exclusive. In short, simply being able to tell a story isn’t enough – it’s how you tell the story that really counts. It wasn’t always this way: […]