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The Anatomy Of A Great Live Tweeting Campaign: Everything You Need To Know About Live Tweets At Your Events

Twitter and the events industry were practically made for one another. The readily-accessible microblogging social network is one of the best places to share information and updates with your attendees, and one of the best platforms for the promotion of your events. As you may be aware, it’s also an incredibly powerful tool for engagement. Trouble is, not everyone knows how to tap into that last one. “Twitter is the new social water cooler, but you don’t need to wait until the morning after a big event, show, or game to get the conversation started,” reads an article in Twitter’s […]

Ten Tips For A Successful Twitter Takeover

Today, we’re going to talk about what’s involved in running a takeover on your Twitter account. No, I’m not referring to hacking or hijacking, I’m talking about bringing a third party on-board – like a celebrity, client, or expert – to manage your Twitter presence. Done right, this can be just what you need to increase your following and engagement on Twitter.  We’re here to ensure that you don’t do it wrong. First, Ask Yourself: Why Run A Takeover? At its core, the phrase “twitter takeover” is really just another way of saying you’re hiring a spokesperson to manage your twitter […]

Crisis Management: Handling Your Brand’s Image during a Disaster

It’s been said that you can tell a lot about a person by how they behave in times of crisis. The same is true of businesses, believe it or not. It’s why having a good crisis management plan is so important. See, there’s a pretty good chance that no matter what industry you work in, what demographic you target, and what services you provide, you’re eventually going to face a brand crisis of some sort. Skilfully weathering the storm goes a long way towards preserving your brand’s positive reputation. What’s involved in effective crisis management? How can you navigate your […]

DIY PR – How You Can Build Your Reputation Without Hiring A Firm

Building up your business takes more than a few clever marketing campaigns. It also requires the constant, careful cultivation of a public image. What do people think about you? What do they say? How do they feel? And does all of that align with the image you want to convey? Seems a little overwhelming at first, but it’s actually not as difficult as you’d think. Provided you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can actually do a pretty masterful job of handling public relations on your own. Today, we’re going to talk about how. Know Your Media […]

Top Tips for Writing the Perfect Press Release

Until you master the art of creating the perfect press release, your public relations strategy will continue to lag behind the competition. But there is good news: this is not nearly as challenging as it sounds. With the right knowledge and approach, you can create a press release that generates positive results. This leads to a very important question: what does a perfect press release look like? If you are new to this form of writing it can be a challenge to get in the right frame of mind. Creating a press release is not the same as a blog post, […]