We try giving you more than you could ever need. Here's a few of our favorite features.

Don't worry, most of these are optional, and if you don't need them, they won't get in the way of your social wall.

Keep attendees informed, with announcements

Post announcements to your social wall—either manually or on a schedule you define—and keep your attendees up to date.

Include images, or just text, and pick from full screen announcements, lower-third announcements, ticker announcements, or inline announcements that look similar to posts (but can be styled to stand out).

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Take a vote, with real-time polling

Create polls, and let your attendees vote via any enabled source and see the result real-time on your social wall.

Get gamified, with real-time leaderboards

Rank those engaged with your event using one of our three leaderboards and showcase the thought leaders on your social wall. Get their name on the screen, and see engagement flourish.

Ensure posts are safe, with automatic filters

No matter which content sources you configure for your social wall, we’ve got some great timesaving filters to help you manage the content.

Automatically block posts with our profanity filter, trending topic filter, or choose from several others. Additionally, each source has its own blacklist, whitelist and source specific filters to help you automatically manage posts per source.

When you need to be sure, use moderation

There’s always a risk that automated filters might let something slip through, so we also provide the ability for you to see and approve posts and images before they’re shown on your wall.

And in case you don’t have someone on your team who can moderate your wall, we have moderators available 24/7 who can do it for you.

Use your own code, with our do-it-yourself code editor.

Every event is unique, and your social wall should be too. If you have the know-how, you can use our custom code editor to edit the design, how it functions, or anything else you desire.

If you don’t have the know-how, we have a team of designers and developers that can custom build templates for you.

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