Marketing: Everything An Event Planner Needs To Know

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

In our last series we focused on tips & tricks for an event planner; ways for you to be more successful and make your job easier.

The next few weeks we are going to switch our focus to marketing. This week we will focus on marketing your events. After that, the next two weeks will focus on personally using social media to advance your personal brand as well as that of your firm’s. Each day we will present you with a new post diving deeper into how you can be more successful all around, often by just doing little things that make a word of difference.

We will focus on the following topics:

Getting Your Attendees More Invested in Your Events

How Much of Your Budget to Save For Marketing

What You Should Write About in Your Event Management Blog

Event Managements Role in Lead Generation

The Role of SEO in Event Management

Foolish Marketing Tactics to Avoid

Perfecting the Art of Gift Giving for Event Marketing

Five Mediums You Can Use To Market An Event

Everything Your LinkedIn Should Have

Why An Event Management Blog Is Definitely Worth Your Time

The Best Ways To Market Yourself & Your Business

How The Marketing Shift Has Changed Event Management

The Importance Of Branding To Event Management

Why Every Event Manager Needs To Understand Content Creation