Why Every Event Manager Needs To Understand Content Creation

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

If you’ve paid even passing attention to the Internet, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “content marketing” before. You probably didn’t pay it much mind. After all, it’s mostly just a buzzword used by journalists and laymen to describe a concept they don’t fully grasp, right? How does content on the Internet have any real impact on you as an event planner whatsoever?

You’d be surprised.

Content creation has essentially become a cornerstone of the modern web. Nearly every business in the world is starting to look at creating a company blog, or stepping up their non-traditional advertising methods.   Bombarding your followers with continuous advertisement is going to make them lose interest, there needs to be some “meat” in the content to gain and keep their interest.

See, modern content – and the way users on the web consume that content – is an integral part of how we communicate with one another. We ignite conversations by sharing interesting information we saw or read on social networks. Sometimes, a lot of people will like a particular piece, and it’ll go viral, being shared thousands (or even millions) of times.

Meanwhile, even as countless pieces of content on the web are spreading like wildfire, we continue to flit between pieces that catch our attention like wired hummingbirds, and we ignore anything too verbose, ugly, or boring. Our attention span on the modern web is lower than that of a goldfish.

You may have heard before that “content is king” and this is true. What you put around your advertisements for events, services, etc is what is going to keep people interested, meaning more people will see your ads and pay attention to them.

By that same vein, if you don’t understand how content is consumed on the modern web then you’re basically missing out on a big part of how people today communicate. If you’re missing out on that, then you’re also missing out on a whole pile of new clients and event partners.

The reason every event manager needs to understand content creation is so that when they use social media channels to promote something it is heard. It’s so that, ultimately, they can start providing their clients with things they’ll actually watch.

The Internet is the largest, most expansive marketing tool in the history of mankind. Used properly, it can open the door to potentially thousands of new clients – none of whom would have known about your firm.

The trade-off, of course, is that if you don’t use it in the proper fashion, it’s incredibly easy for you to doom an event to obscurity – something you never want to do.