Introducing Tweetwall All Access, Embedding and Much More!

Last Updated on August 20, 2023 by Joel Strellner

Today, I’m happy to announce probably our largest update since we launched our self-service platform in May of last year. Not only are we announcing the general availability of several features like Embedding of your Tweetwall, direct monitoring of Instagram, Announcements, and Polls, we’re also announcing the general availability of All Access.

All Access is a monthly (or yearly) recurring plan that allows you to create an unlimited number of Tweetwalls, and they can be of any duration too! There’s three plans, a Business plan at $799/mo, and an Enterprise plan at $5,000/mo, and an Agency plan at $7,500/mo. We also offer various perks for yearly billing, like a 20% discount on the business plan, or free custom templates for the Enterprise and Agency plans.

Just to be clear, All Access does not replace our standard per event pricing that we’ve always had—that’s still available and the default. Now though, you have more options that can dramatically save you money.

We’ve had All Access available in preview for quite some time, as well as many of these other features, but up until recently, you had to request to have it made available to you.

If you’ve got an event for an extended period—or maybe not even an event, but an office that you’d like to display Tweets at constantly, which may have costed you a bunch of money to do—you can save by going to All Access. Or, if you’re an agency with several clients, you can sign up for All Access and give Tweetwalls to any of your clients events. Or, if you operate a photobooth company with events all the time, you can offer it to all of you customers. We’ve seen several good use cases since we released it in preview, now that it’s generally available though, what can you use it for?

If you’ve already got an Everwall account, you can add All Access here.

The next feature that we’re rolling out to general availability is Social Media Hubs. You no longer have to only show off the Tweets on site at events, now you can show them off on your website, too. And what’s great about this, is that it uses the same moderation and approval system that your Tweetwall does, so you can be sure that the Tweets are appropriate for your audience, and that nothing offensive gets through.

You can use our stylized embed, or if you’ve got some design and Javascript chops, you can use our raw output to make something truly custom for your website. Combine Social Media Hubs for websites with one of our All Access plans, and you’ve got a permanent way to show off, yet fully manage the Tweets on your website—something Twitter’s widget just can’t do.

And last, but not least, the following three items have been available since the beginning of the year, but many of you don’t know about them, so I wanted to mention them here too.

  • We’ve now got support for directly monitoring Instagram.
  • Announcements allow you to take over your Tweetwall to display a message to your attendees (full screen, lower third, and ticker).
  • Polls are available that allow you to easily poll your audience using hashtags or keywords.

All three of those features are worth exploring, and we’re very happy to have made them available.

What do you want us to work on next? Let us know, or email support [at]