Let our design team make you something unique, perfectly on brand, and reusable.

One-time fee, unlimited enjoyment.

What is a social wall template?

A social wall template is a fully reusable template that can be applied to any social wall within your account.  Our design team works with you to determine a design and layout that meets your goals, and then we build it and apply it to your account.

Custom built to your specs

No matter how odd of a configuration, or requirements, our team builds the social wall template custom for you which means no matter what specs you throw at us, we can always find a solution.

We can use any logos, fonts, images, videos, or anything else you want on the template.  It really is custom built to your specs.

What’s the process to get a custom social wall template?

To be honest, it’s a breeze.

First, we have a call with you to discuss the exact goals for the template and get any technical specifications that we need.

Then, based on what you want to see on the wall, you send over the assets you want on the template—like your logo, etc.

At this point, our design team gets busy creating you a few mocks based on the kick-off call we had, and then we send them over to you to review.  Once you see them, you can make a revision to any of the mocks, or if they’re as perfect as we hope they are, you can tell us to start building your template.

The final step is to have our developers take the mock, and turn it into a fully functional template that can be applied to any of the social walls in your account by you, anytime you need.  Seriously, it’s just a click away on the design screen of our builder waiting to be applied to any social walls you create.

We work fast, really fast.

We can go from concept to fully functional template in as quick as 24 hours. Sure, we prefer 2 weeks or more to make sure we cover all bases and you get a template that will continue to work for you for the long-term, but in a pinch, we can do it really fast.

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Custom Reusable Template

We design a reusable template that can be used with any self-service, full-service, or ongoing social wall in your account.

Starts at $2,500 USD

Includes 3 hours of custom development. Additional work at standard hourly rates.

Not sure if you'll need more development time? Get in touch for a free estimate.

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Common Template Requests:

  • Social media posts (ummm, of course!)
  • Custom announcement designs
  • Custom poll displays
  • Leaderboards
  • Touch screen interactivity
  • Custom animations and layouts
  • Custom video scheduling
  • Third-party integrations/data displays
  • Food/beverage menus
  • Daily agendas
  • Custom calendar integrations
  • We can display just about anything...