How to show a moderated live Twitter feed

Last Updated on September 21, 2021

You’ve got a website—and an awesome one at that—but you want to make it a bit fresher without having to log in every day an update it.  You think, “hey, I Tweet a lot, why don’t I just show my live Twitter feed on the site,” only to realize that it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Twitter has an option you can use, but if you want to pull in content using keywords or a hashtag, it’s not as easy, and it doesn’t include moderation of any type. And that’s where Everwall comes in.

Everwall lets you have a moderated live Twitter feed

Using our social wall’s embed option, you can pull in posts from any public account, as well as any post that contains specific keywords of your choice—like your company name—or as many hashtags as you’d like, too. We even support Instagram and a half-dozen other source types.

Keep fans informed and watch your branding efforts come to life with Everwall. For folks at home, you can even embed the feed on your team’s website. Start building your social wall today!

Once those posts are pulled into our platform, you can use any of our filters, like the profanity filter, keyword blocks, user blocks and more to make sure that only appropriate content is displayed on your website.

Most importantly, if you need to moderate your Tweetwall, you can enable moderation and then you’ll be able to read and approve each post, before any post is displayed on your website.  If you see a Tweet that you don’t want on your website, just block it and it’ll never show up on the live Twitter feed on your website.

We try our best to make moderation easy too—you can use our website to easily do it, or you can moderate the live Twitter feed from your mobile phone anywhere that you are.  Moderation is always real-time, too.  Approved posts will appear live on your website in less than a second.

So, how do I get the code for my live Twitter feed embed?

  1. To get the code, first you have to register for an Everwall account.
  2. Then, you need to create an ongoing wall.  Ongoing walls continue working until you log into your account and cancel it—which is perfect for embedding your Twitter feed on your site.
  3. Finally, you get the code snippet we provide and embed it on your website.  It works with any content system you use, like WordPress, Drupal, etc.
live twitter feed example code


Once you’ve embedded your live twitter feed on your website, all you have to do next is get some content.

How to get content for your live Twitter feed.

Getting content is easy.  When you build the ongoing social wall, we’ll ask you to log into your various social accounts and add the hashtags and other things you want us to pull in for you.  We can pull in posts from specific accounts, hashtags and keywords from Twitter, and from Instagram we can pull in specific hashtags and posts from specific accounts.  The terms you add on the content step of the builder will be pulled into your account in real time and either displayed immediately (if it passes your filters), or once you’ve approved it if you have enabled moderation. Most people just need Twitter and Instagram for their embed, but we’ve got several other options as well.

Occasionally, you’ll want to pull in a post that isn’t found from the content settings above.  In those cases we have an import option that lets you import any post from Twitter or Instagram.  You can use that feature like a search engine and just search for users, hashtags or keywords.

You can customize how it looks, too.

Our live Twitter feed embed is also very customizable.  By default it’ll take the same styles that your website has, so if you use a specific font, background or text colors, your live Twitter feed will have those same settings as well.  Take a peek at our live example here—we didn’t customize it in any way, it’s just getting the styling automatically from our site.

If that’s not enough, you can easily style it with standard CSS in your websites stylesheets.

If you want an amazingly fast live Twitter or Instagram feed on your website, and you want to have full control over the content that appears on it, Everwall’s social wall for your website option is one of the few options. Get started now.