Six Superb Event Management Startups

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

In any industry there’s always a whole plethora of problems that need solving and a promising crop of innovators waiting in the wings to solve them. Maybe it’s a quandary brought about by a newly developed technology. Maybe there’s a need that’s not being adequately met by current technology. Or maybe there’s just something that always could have been done better.

Event management is no exception to the rule. There are problems that need solving particularly given the high-tempo, competitive nature of the industry. Courtesy of Julius Solaris of the Event Manager Blog, here are a few of the most promising event management startups currently making the rounds – have a look; there’s bound to be one you’ll like.

Eat In My Seat

What It Provides: An electronic food ordering system for events.

Why That’s Awesome: Last month, I attended the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. At one point during the conference, I went to fetch some food…only to discover an hour-long wait. Eat in My Seat solves the balance between starvation and FOMO – you can place and pay for your order within the app, and choose whether you want to have it delivered or pick it up when told your order is ready. No more food lines.

Crowd Mics

What It Provides: The ability to turn every attendee’s mobile device into a microphone.

Why That’s Awesome: For keynotes in which audience participation is an important factor, a tool like Crowd Mics can be very useful. No more missing an audience member’s question – they simply use their Smartphone device as a microphone and their voice is sent through the room’s sound-system. Pretty cool.


What It Provides: A unified showcase for event photos.

Why That’s Awesome: Particularly for comic book conventions (where people tend to take hundreds of pictures of all the awesome vendors and costumes), a Snapcastr like app seems long overdue. The ability to collect all the content generated at an event into one place creates a powerful marketing tool, while at the same time giving attendees a single community board where they can remember good times had by all.


What It Provides: A unified dashboard for event marketers.

Why That’s Awesome: Nobody likes clutter – yet that’s exactly what event marketers deal with on a daily basis. While there are plenty of marketing dashboards out there, there’ve yet to be any designed specifically for event marketing (for some unknown reason.) Again, like EventKloud feels long overdue promising a streamlined process that increases attendance.


What It Provides: An easy, step-by-step tool for constructing sponsorship decks.

Why That’s Awesome: Most sponsorship decks are…for a lack of better terms, boring, poorly designed, god-awful documents. Sponseasy tackles the professional deck problem directly, walking you through the content and design process of constructing a winning deck, including factors such as speakers, target audience, expected attendance and offering predesigned sponsorship packages.


What It Provides: A low-cost, event-centric streaming service with built-in ticketing through Eventbrite.

Why That’s Awesome: There are very few choices for streaming for event professionals. 99CentEventStreaming is built from the ground-up for event planners, and offers near-unlimited streaming and archiving of video of your events at an incredibly reasonable rate: 99 cents per ticket per day. Is this company out of super secret beta or…?

So while it’s Fourth of July in the USA and we hope your only hosting a simple, yet well-planned back yard BBQ – these are a few event industry startups to watch.

Have a terrific Independence Day.