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This section of our blog is where we put posts related to promoting events! Tips, tricks, industry standards… basically anything you can think of that might help you promote your event.

How Can Reddit Help You As An Event Planner?

If you aren’t yet on Reddit, maybe you should be. Although Reddit’s community is somewhat small compared to Facebook or Twitter, it’s nevertheless a teeming hub of Internet culture. Reddit doesn’t call itself “the front page of the Internet” without reason; some of the most popular viral content on the web either originated on Reddit or was promoted through the social media site. Used properly, it can be the perfect platform for event promotion.

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Four Ways to Market your Event on a Shoestring Budget

Planning an event can be stressful, but if attendance is strong you will look back and realize it was well worth the time and effort. Here is the big question: how are you going to attract a large number of attendees without blowing through your event’s marketing budget? You may believe that successfully marketing a large event has to cost an arm and a leg; nothing could be further from the truth. There are steps you can take to spread the word on a shoestring budget – or simply make your large budget go that much further! Here are four […]

How To Throw A Great Trade Show After Party

For many attendees, the best part of a trade show is the after parties. Although as the event organizer, you want your vendors and sponsor partners to host shindigs of their own, what if your company wants to have a bit of fun and exposure for a job well done? Should you organize an awesome party? Go for it. You’re an event manager, pieces of cake. That said there are a few things to take into account when hosting a trade show party. The Party Theme Suits The Audience (and is in good taste!) Now, this example is off to […]

Getting The Press to Attend Your Events

Invite the Press to cover your trade show, tournament or conference – press coverage is one of the best ways to gain mass exposure for your event. This marketing strategy seems obvious, but…evidently is not. I’ve seen more than a few events where journalists barely have a presence. Journalists and bloggers provide free exposure. That’s a crazy opportunity to ignore. Particularly if you’re running some sort of consumer-targeted trade show, you need the press. So, is there a secret to getting The Press to attend? Surely, it can’t be as easy as asking! Actually, you’d be surprised. Discover Who Is […]

7 Last Minute Event Promotion Strategies

So it’s the week before the event and you’re panicking about selling out. Take a deep breath and relax, they’re still some time to try and get more people excited about your upcoming event.

While you should continue to use your normal promotional channels such as email, flyering, Facebook and free listing sites to boost event awareness, we’ve also got seven top tips for last minute event promotion.

Take a look at these seven strategies to see if they’ll work for your gig, show, club night, conference or other event:

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