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Welcome to the Event Planning section of our blog! Here you’ll find all the articles we have that are related to Event Planning as a whole.  Obviously we’ll throw in some relevant info about Everwall, if it makes sense to do so.

The 10 Best Event Planning Tools

Even the most skilled and talented planner is only as good as their toolkit. Planning an event is an immensely complicated process, and veterans know that any advantage they can get that streamlines running an event—is invaluable. Thankfully, tools exist in droves to this end, and here’s ten tools I think are some of the best event planning tools, and explain how they can help you.

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Why You Should Hire An Event Planner

We’ve talked a great deal about what’s involved in a successful event, and how it can help send your brand’s reputation soaring. We’ve examined the sort of traits you need to run an event, and the sorts of platforms that could prove useful.

Today, we’re going to discuss why, all of these details should be someone else’s problem. We’re going examine why you should hire an event planner, instead of doing everything yourself.

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What To Do if An Event Goes South

The most successful event planners are those who are able to tell a story. These men and women can stand in front of an audience and connect with each person individually; they can put a human face on their brand and present it with remarkable grace and candor. There’s another trait they all share, as well: they’re all able to think on their feet. The reason this is important is quite simple: no matter how well you plan out an event, there’s always something that can go wrong. Worse, you aren’t always going to realize something has gone wrong until […]

10 Techniques for Event Managers to have better events

Are you an event manager? This article will help you choose the best techniques to explode your event’s business, acquire new attendees and increase profits. I’m sure you must have heard of social media, and how powerful it is—well, it’s the truth!

When done properly, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a host of others can be beneficial to you.

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