What Should You Write About In Your Event Management Blog

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Having an active blog is great for your event management business in many ways. First of all it helps with SEO, which will make you more visible on the internet to people searching for services you offer. Also, it’s important to have a social media presence, which is all about content! This provides relevant content for you to share and grows a community around what your company is about. Here are some ideas on what you should do as far as content.

Take A Look At Your Industry

As with any blog, your most important consideration is what you’re trying to accomplish by writing. Thankfully, we’re already a bit ahead of the curve here. Likely as not, the reason you’re cobbling together your blog is to promote your event management firm or career – to draw in prospective clients and people who might be interested in working with you. What that means is that the vast majority of your topics are going to be directly related to your field; they’re going to be about what your target client base would be interested in reading.

“Good topics for businesses interested in blogging include useful tips for people and customers in your industry, ‘buying guides’ for your most popular products, and promotional posts explaining the value your business can offer,” writes Udemy’s Nick Gibson. “Remember to balance the three categories, and particularly commercial and non-commercial posts. Readers won’t keep reading if your content is purely based on promotion.”

Now, as an event planner, you probably aren’t going to be putting together a great many buying guides – you offer a service, not a product. With that in mind, the rest of Gibson’s advice here is definitely sound. Do a bit of research into what your clients might be interested in, and write on that.

Presumably, if it falls within the purview of your industry, you’ll know full well what you’re talking about.

Of course, we can’t really conclude things here. Knowing the interests of your audience isn’t really enough to compose an adequate article. You also need to understand precisely what they’re looking for related to those interests.

Be Sure To Educate And Entertain

According to blogging veteran Amy Lynn Andrews, most readers are looking for one of five things when they read a blog:

  • They want to solve a problem.
  • They want to learn something new.
  • There’s a goal they want to attain, but they aren’t sure how to attain it.
  • They want their doubts, fears, or concerns assuaged
  • They want to be entertained.

Ideally, your blog should feature a blend of the above. You should have posts that offer pure entertainment and give a glimpse into your personal life and career (not too much of a glimpse, mind you), articles that educate your readers and help them better themselves or their business, and pieces offering tips that’ll help them solve a problem – for instance, how to deal with a business partner that’s trying to undercut or rip them off.

Remember That The Most Important Trait Is Passion

And now, just before we wrap things up, we come to the most important advice you’ll ever hear about writing a blog post. It’s something you’ve probably heard applied to your career as an event planner, as well. Basically, the simple truth is that if you aren’t passionate about the topics you’ve chosen for your blog, then you probably shouldn’t write on them.

See, people aren’t dumb – they can pick up pretty readily when someone doesn’t care about what they’re saying. For that reason, if you aren’t terribly interested in what you’ve decided to write, it’s probably better to hire someone who is (or simply discard the idea). A bit of a low note to leave things off on, sure; that doesn’t make it any less true, however.