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What Exactly isDigital & SocialSignage-

Social media has been taking the marketing world by storm for years now, that’s nothing new. What is new is digital signage and how it is changing the way customers use social media for anything from restaurants to hotels. While old ways to connect with users such as mail marketing is dying out, the newest way includes catching customers at times when they may already be on their phones and providing them with the correct hashtags and usernames to connect with your brand.

What exactly is social and digital signage?

Digital signage has actually been around for years, think of billboards in front of restaurants that flash the newest specials and the time or temperature. Everything is just being taken to the next level. Instead of basic colors and text, it is upgraded with high-tech screens and projectors that have been introduced in recent years.

Can’t grasp the concept yet? Think arrival and departure signs that have been in airports for decades delivering you the news that your flight is delayed again.

What does this mean for my brand?

As a brand manager, this is a great way to connect with your customers. Imagine you own a hotel, during check-in usually, a customer is already on their phone while the customer service agent gets the keys set up, confirms payment, etc. Would you rather have the client be searching for a new pair of shoes or tweeting that they just checked in? Having social signage behind the front desk gives customers the IDEA to post, without you having to say a thing, making the posts more organic.

Interactive Social Signage

You can even go one step further and make it interactive. This could mean going with a touch screen system that can include taking photos, posting right their to their social media, or collecting emails for giveaways. Another way to engage is to incorporate a Tweetwall. Get customers posting and have them see their posts on the screen within seconds. How’s that for instant gratification?

Boost Your Social Media

Your audience is already on social media, so use that to your advantage. Nab their attention at the right times, with the right information and have them posting away! Not only will this increase exposure by having customers post, their followers will see the post and want to engage as well. Also, by following along with a Tweetwall they can be part of something without even having to be there. They can see the posts on a Tweetwall from anywhere on your mobile device or computer and post right along with others.

Also, constantly thinking of new content to post on your digital media can be difficult so use organic posts—it’s content that updates itself. What’s easier than that? Your customers are being heard and you are provided with FREE amazing content.


If you have a business where you can catch your customers with their phones in their hand, social signage is something that you need to be looking into. Don’t be left in the dust. Promote specials, display your social tags and usernames, and get your customers involved!