The Social Event Manager’s Blog Manifesto

Last Updated on August 14, 2021 by Joel Strellner

Hello all, Joel here, the founder and CEO of Tweetwall Everwall (See: the Tweetwall name change announcement). I just wanted to quickly post a little bit about what this blog is, what kind of content will be on it, and what our goals are for it—a manifesto of sorts, if you will.

The events industry is huge, multi-billion dollar huge, but since starting Tweetwall in 2008 what we’ve noticed is that even though the industry is huge, there’s not a whole lot of content out there catered to helping event managers make their events more social and engaging. This blog is our attempt to change that.

Sure, we understand that because we have a product in the market, Tweetwall, that we’ll be a little biased, but our goals are to not promote our product constantly, and instead to write about the various tools, services, techniques and ideas that can help an up-and-coming event manager to make their events stand out from the crowd.

So with all that said, this blog will talk about anything that will help you, the event manager make your event more social and engaging.

Let’s have fun, and if you have any suggestions, just let us know.