Requirements Every Event Management Tool Needs To Meet

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

As an event management professional, you are not the gadgets you use. You are not your Smartphone or tablet, your event planning software, or your presentation tools. You aren’t controlled by your technology.

At the same time, gearing yourself up with the right tools can be the difference between success and failure when planning an event. You might not be controlled by your technology, but you can be made by it.

There are a few requirements you’ll want any event management tool, gadget or application you use to fulfill; if they miss even one, there’s a good chance they simply aren’t worth using.

Ease Of Use

Perhaps the most important feature of any tech used by an event planner is that it can’t be complicated. You’re already dealing with potentially hundreds of different variables; you don’t have time to work with an obtuse interface or wrestle with a steep learning curve. If a piece of tech isn’t quick and simple, it’s probably not worth using.


Of course, being easy to use isn’t enough. Whatever technology you’re equipping yourself with also has to be efficient, improving your performance as an event planner in some noticeable fashion. If it’s not easy to use and doesn’t speed up the task it’s designed to address, think about ditching it.


Particularly with project or team management software, it’s imperative that you remain connected as much as possible. The ability to instantaneously contact your team regardless of location is invaluable, as is the capacity to tap into resources in the cloud. Connected apps and tools are a growing trend for a reason – they’re incredibly powerful. Don’t undervalue the importance of this feature when building your toolkit.


If you’re running an event, you can’t be tethered to one spot or be required to return to one spot to execute a task. You need to be able to pick up and go. Mobility and portability are extremely important considerations for your toolkit. Portability is about traveling light. All-in-one devices are great for mobility, but think twice if something feels too cumbersome.


Last but certainly not least, any tool you add to your kit generally needs to be capable of working with all other tools in your kit. As I’ve already said, you don’t have time to be wrestling with uncooperative applications; your focus needs to be on running your events as well as possible. Make certain software and apps and devices are compatible with one another.

In Closing

To say that an event manager is only as good as the tools they use seems a tad inaccurate. At the same time, though, being equipped with the right gadgets and applications can be the difference between a good event planner and a great one. Be discerning with the technology you utilize in running your events – your choices matter.