Use a live Twitter feed display so your fans can keep up with all the action at your next game

It only takes a few seconds to score a goal, to catch that runner trying to steal a base, or for a gymnast to land that perfect 10. Your fans don’t want to miss any of that high-drama action. More than that, though, they don’t want to miss the chance to celebrate with other fans. That’s why a live Twitter feed display is so valuable.

Quotes- How to Use a Live Twitter Feed Display to Create Fan FrenzyImagine this. You’re at the game. Both teams are playing well, and the score is tied. You decide to grab a pretzel and a beer at the concession stand. As you’re paying, you hear the crowd erupt. What happened? Did we score? Was there a big penalty? There’s no way to know until you get back to your seat. Unless…

Lucky for you, this stadium has a live Twitter feed display, so you can experience the big play in real time. You and your new friends at the condiment stand celebrate the game-changing play together, while hundreds of people live-Tweet the action from the sidelines.

This is the experience you want for your fans. You want to keep them engaged and excited about being part of the team community.

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Make your fans part of the team with a live Twitter feed display

Photo- How to Use a Live Twitter Feed Display to Create Fan FrenzyYou want your Twitter feed visible to fans, so placement is critical. Some good spots might include near restrooms, at concession areas, at the ticket sales area, or even along the walk from the parking lot to the stadium.

If you have nearby bars or restaurants as partners, you can work with them to add a live Twitter feed display there, too. Anywhere your fans gather can work.

Oh, and the jumbotron, if you have one of those. Nothing gets people posting more than them seeing their posts on the big screen.

What should you display on your live Twitter feed displays, though?

One approach that works well is to follow and display a hashtag. For instance, during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, fans could follow and Tweet with #FIFAWWC for anything World Cup related. Or you could follow the U.S. Women’s National Team with the hashtag #USWNT. You could also follow a specific game, like the U.S. vs. Chile with the hashtag #USACHI.

Once you have a hashtag rolling, fans will use it. #USWNT was very active not just on game days, but in the days before and after games, too. Fans posted quotes from players (and tagged them), favorite plays from the game, and all manner of commentary including fantasy team lineups and fan pics.

One benefit to mention for all the hashtags mentioned so far, they’re all evergreen and don’t have the year in them. So in 2023—when the next FIFA Women’s World Cup is scheduled to occur again—the FIFA Women’s World Cup can use the exact same hashtags if they so choose. You can use our free hashtag checker to make sure you’re picking a great hashtag.

If a stadium full of soccer fans are Tweeting with #USWNT, you can keep up with all the action even when you have to step away from your seat. Everything with that hashtag will show up on your displays throughout the stadium (or in the case of the World Cup, throughout several stadiums if you prefer).

Fan pic- How to Use a Live Twitter Feed Display to Create Fan FrenzyYou can get fans even more engaged with live polls and contests. The Portland Thorns encourage fans to vote for their players in the National Women’s Soccer League’s Goal of the Week.

You don’t have to wait for fans to Tweet, either. You can invite fans to post pictures of their fan art, game day dress, videos of their pre-game rituals, or their favorite team story.

Use a leaderboard to boost engagement

Leaderboards will get your fans going, too. How? The most engaged fans appear in the top spot on your digital signage, complete with the number of Tweets and replies, so other fans know who they’re competing against. A little “best fan” competition can get the fires burning and encourage participation.

Always use moderation for live events

And in case you’re wondering, you don’t have to be concerned with objectionable material making it onto your screens. Social media displays, like Everwall offers, can automatically filter certain language, as well as anything else you specify. You can also moderate your live Twitter feed display manually if desired.

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