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Ever since we announced our 2017 major update, we’ve received quite a few inquiries about the new language support in our social wall platform, Everwall.  And today, I am going to talk a bit about them, and how you can take the most advantage of the new language support.

Social wall posts

The posts on your social wall can be in nearly any language.  We support your typical left-to-right latin languages, like English and Spanish, but we also support right-to-left languages like Arabic.  You do not need to change anything, we detect it automatically, and will display the post correctly for the language.

Your wall’s default language

When building your social wall, you can pick one of nine languages to use as your default language.  The default language is what we use to display your post timestamps in, and what language we write the “join the conversation” text in your title bar.

The default languages we support are English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

What if my event is in two languages?

In a lot of places around the world, there isn’t a single “primary” language. Instead, there are two languages used about equally.  For example, in Canada, it’s quite common to have your event materials presented in both English and French.  This isn’t a scenario we forgot about when designing our new language support in our social wall platform.

We support language flags on your assigned URL

For example, say the URL for your event was and you set the default language to be in English.  Any time you open up you’ll notice that the timestamps, as well as the language by the hashtag, is in English, exactly as you’d expect.  But if you’re in Canada, you may want to have another screen where it’s all in French.  To do that you just append the language parameter and set it to fr.  Like this:

For easy reference, here are all of the language possibilities:

Language Code
English en
Arabic / العربية ar
Dutch / Nederlands nl
French / Français fr
German / Deutsche de
Italian / Italiano it
Japanese / 日本語 ja
Russian / русский ru
Spanish / Español es

We know that supporting multiple languages is important to you, and that’s another reason you should give Everwall a try.  Everything we do is to make our social wall the best wall available for your event.

And of course, if you need any help at all with languages, we’re here to help.