Introducing the Tweetwall Chrome App

Last Updated on September 30, 2021 by Joel Strellner

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the Tweetwall Chrome App. Whether you use Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS—we support it, and quite beautifully I might add…

The video below shows just how easy it is to install the Tweetwall Chrome app in Chrome OS and launch your Tweetwall. Even if you’re not using Chrome OS, the app’s interface and how it functions are still the same.

Some of the awesome benefits of using the Chrome App are:

  • It automatically prevents your computer from going to sleep
  • It automatically hides your mouse after a few seconds
  • It automatically goes full screen for you, so your Tweetwall remains the main focus.

You can get the new Chrome app from the Chrome Store, or by going to the Tweetwall Apps page (you can also see the other apps we have there).

We’ve also put together some FAQs for the Tweetwall Chrome App.