How to Plan a Corporate July 4th Event

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

July 4th will be here before you know it. While many people plan on spending this holiday with friends and family, others will have the opportunity to do so with coworkers and/or clients.

Today we are going to focus on how to plan a corporate July 4th event. Some companies hold an annual Independence Day event to give thanks to their workforce. Others organizations look at this as a great opportunity to show clients a good time.

Before we go any further, remember this: there is nothing more important than having a good time. Fourth of July is a time for great food, tons of fun, and hopefully, good weather.

Even with that in mind, you may still have some reservations. Here are five points to focus on as you plan your corporate event for July 4th:

  1. Make a list of attendees: Before anything else, you must make a list of who will be invited. Furthermore, take your best guess at how many people will attend. Remember to include your employees families as well. Once you have an idea of the maximum number of people who may attend, you can better plan for additional details (more on this below).
  1. Location: Are you going to have the event at your company headquarters? How about a local park? What about something more unique, such as an amusement park or sporting event? Some companies use the same location every year, while others change things up to keep the event as exciting as possible. There are pros and cons of all types of event venues, so compare each one carefully. Take into consideration what you will need for the type of event you want to have. Do you need grass for outdoor family games, or a large grilling area? If you live somewhere with unpredictable weather you may want to look into an indoor/outdoor venue.
  1. Budget: Wouldn’t it be nice if you could throw together a July 4th event free of cost? Keep dreaming! This is going to cost your company some money. That being said, you don’t need a huge budget to make the event enjoyable for all. Once you set a budget, you can then spread the money around to all the necessary expenses.
  1. Activities: What would a July 4th event be without activities? If you are having your event at a park, for example, set up volleyball and badminton nets. If you opt for an amusement park event, you won’t have to do much in terms of activities. The park will take care of all that for you. Remember to have activities for all skill types and ages.
  1. Food: There is a lot to look forward to with a July 4th event, but most people enjoy the food more than anything else. Are you going to make all the food on your own? Will you hire a catering company? Will you see if some attendees are willing to help with food preparation? If there is one thing you don’t want to mess up, this is it. Good food cures all.

You still have a some time before July 4th rolls around, but don’t wait too much longer to plan and organize your event. The big day will be here before you know it. It is best to plan as far in advance as possible.