Full Service Social Walls vs. Self Service Social Walls

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

One of the decisions that you have to make when having a Social Wall from Everwall at your event is whether you would like to go self-service or full-service. The main factors in deciding which one comes down to how you want the Social Wall to look, the support you need during the event, and how hands-off you want to be.  Either way, having a Social Wall is a great way to really hit home the social aspect of any kind of event, whether it be a wedding or large tech conference.

So, what’s the difference between a self-service and a full-service social wall?

Full Service Social Wall:

You get a custom designed Social Wall to perfectly match your event and its branding. You can customize any aspect of it, from simple style changes, all the way up to fully custom transitions and interactions. There are some limits, but your Dedicated Account Manager can help you work through any of them.

You get a Dedicated Account Manager to help you every step of the way with any question that you may have before, during, and after your event. This person is always just a text message, call, or email away and they’re there to help with anything you need—from coordinating the design process of creating your Social Wall to blocking a pesky user or doing a quick change with a logo—whatever you need, they’re there for you!

Full Service Social Walls are $299 USD per event day, and have a one-time $2,500 setup fee.

Self Service Social Wall:

Be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Use Everwall’s easy layout builder to customize your Social Wall to your liking.

Self-Service Social Walls are priced at $49 USD per event day, and you can optionally upgrade to full moderation for an additional $29/day and remove the Everwall logo for an additional $49/day.

No matter which way you go, all Social Walls from Everwall have great features like being able to monitor Twitter and Instagram (and a bunch of others), display announcements and polls, you can embed them on your website, and also come with stats built-in.

We are always happy to help you decide which one is best for you for your upcoming event. If you’re leaning towards a Full-Service Social Wall, just let’s chat, and if you’re leaning towards a Self-Service Social Wall, go ahead and create an account and build out your Social Wall—we can always convert it to a Full-Service Social Wall if you find it doesn’t offer what you need.