If you need your social wall to stand out, draw in sponsors, and increase engagement: go full-service.

Unique design, hassle-free setup, engaged attendees. Trust us, you’ll look awesome.

We’ll customize anything

With our full service offering, our team of account managers, designers, and developers will work with you to determine exactly what the goals are for the event, and then we work with you to design and ultimately develop a fully customized social wall that’ll meet and exceed those goals.

Anything you can think of—colors, fonts, animations, layouts, embedded videos, showing the day’s agenda, literally anything you can think of—we do it for you according to your exact specs.

Dedicated Account Manager

When you work with Everwall for a Full Service social wall, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who will work with you one-on-one leading up to—and during—your event to make sure it’s a success.

We truly try to be a part of your team, and your Dedicated Account Manager will coordinate with anyone on Everwall’s team and anyone on your team—including your other contractors and partners—to make sure your social wall looks and works perfect, and there are no unexpected surprises on the day of your event.

You’ll get a direct email and mobile phone number for your Dedicated Account Manager so you can reach them anytime. They’ll also be on call during your event ready to assist you, should you need their help for anything.

The only thing better than having a Dedicated Account manager, would be our VIP service—which includes everything in Full-Service, but we also show up on site and stay there during the event.

You control the messaging

In addition, to getting a fully customized social wall for your event, and access to a Dedicated Account Manager for your event, you also get a few other perks included for no additional cost.  For example, full moderation is included, so you can review every post before it’s shown on the wall, and you also get all Everwall branding removed from the social wall.

How the design process works

  1. We schedule and do an initial consultation so we can learn about your event.
  2. We gather any assets you have, like logos, brand guides, fonts, etc.
  3. We prepare a one or more mocks for you to review. If one isn’t perfect, we iterate on the closest one until it is.
  4. We configure your wall, and apply the design to the wall.

Get started

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And, if you don’t think full-service is for you, check out our self-service social walls.

* Customization Details:

All Full Service social walls start with 3 hours of customization. Then, you get one additional hour of customization per event day.

Example: if you have a 2-day event, you’ll get four hours of customization included (3 hours for the first day, plus 1 more for the second event day).

Need more? It’s just $110/hr. And don’t worry, an hour goes very far, in fact, 87% of all full service events don’t need more than the allotted customization time that comes with their wall—and those that did, those were some amazing social walls.

Full-Service Social Walls

We remotely design, configure, and customize your social wall to your specs.

per event day + $2,500 setup fee

Free "anytime" pre-event testing period

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Included in full-service

  • 24/7 support (email, chat, phone & SMS)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Social wall custom-designed by our designers
  • Display on unlimited screens at your venue
  • 50k Twitter posts per day (All others Unlimited)
  • Realtime updates
  • Unlimited items: hashtags, keywords, etc
  • Watch Twitter, Instagram, or any other sources
  • No Everwall branding
  • Free Social Media Hub
  • API Access
  • Custom-built Announcements, Polls, Agendas, Video Loops, and sponsor opportunities
  • Advanced Social Stats
  • Pay with credit/debit cards, check, or wire.
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