Five Great Time Management Apps for Event Planners

Last Updated on October 7, 2021

Ok, Ok, this post is about time management and it’s late! We’re human…but software can help.

Top-notch time management skills are vital for competitive event management professionals. Yet even if equipped with formidable organizational skills, the best can still benefit from time management software. After all, we’re only human and the best-designed software will help us perform our best.

Here are five great time management apps for event planners.

1. Eternity

Many of us are workaholics (particularly novices who underestimate the stress of a job) and it’s easy to forget your life outside of work. This isn’t healthy; there needs to be balance between work and play, between professional time and leisure time.

The iOS app Eternity is designed to provide a means of balancing one’s time. After installing the software (there’s a free and a paid version) you can set up activities, assign multiple timers to tasks, and add schedules that monitor exactly how you’re spending your time.

2. NowThen

Designed as a timesheet assistant, NowThen allows you to create multiple task lists for events, and easily edit and add events. Its main function is to time activities with the added bonus of being able to sync all data and images between all your iOS devices. NowThen is a great way for teams to keep an itinerary running on schedule.

3. Evernote

Yes, Evernote is on the list. It’s not technically a scheduling application – but with its checklist functionality, powerful synchronization and compatibility with almost any device, it’s a great way to keep yourself organized. I myself use it all the time, for everything from tracking tasks I need to finish to jotting down important notes. So, yes, it makes the list.

4. Chrometa

Chrometa is an application for your home system or laptop rather than mobile device, and it’s probably the simplest to use of all the apps listed here. You install Chrometa and it automatically starts tracking the time spent using each application opened. The app helps you track time spent off-line as well; in meetings or on the phone for example. It also has an invoice feature – related to the time spent working on a project – that generates a basic invoice.

5. Tempo

I’ve saved what I feel is the best for last. Tempo is an all-in-one tracking, management and scheduling application. Tempo allows you to plan, manage, and monitor all the different projects involved in keeping an event running smoothly including contacts, locations and a communications log, in addition to providing you with a powerful timesheet and budgeting suite. Although it’s not technically built specifically for event planners, it’s nevertheless a formidable addition to any event management professional’s repertoire of software.

Yes, you’re the best, all the more reason to enlist the help of well-designed software. After all, we’re only human and the best time management apps will help us perform our best.